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review on Todelu movie

Allu Aravind…who doesn’t know about him. Main pillar of Telugu industry. It is not an exaggeration to say that no one has earned as much money as he has. Allu’s success as a producer of Telugu movies is one step but now Allu’s story with dubbing movies is in another range. Yesterday Kantara, today with wolf, Allu construction company is reaping cash crops. Everyone knows how much of a hit Kantara, which came out as silent, was. Kantara broke the records of our Telugu movies too. As much as it was a hit in the original language, it became a bigger hit in dubbing. Now it’s the wolf’s turn.

Todelu is a movie from Bollywood. This movie starring Varun Dhawan was released yesterday. Allu’s production house Geetha Arts released the Hindi movie Bhedia dubbed as a wolf. This movie is getting good reviews. Those who have seen it say that the story is not new, but it is a visual wonder. As usual Varun Thawan chooses some variety stories instead of doing regular movies. He is also known to be good at acting. But Varun’s acting is next level in Todelu, the audience says. It is said that Varun has torn between being a man and a wolf.

The first creature comedy genre movie ‘Todelu’ on the Indian screen. Directed by Amar Kaushik. This movie has Hollywood level graphics with high technical values. A plus point is that VFX companies who have worked on Hollywood films like Gun Merwick and Godzilla vs. King are providing the graphics work for this film. The transformation of man into a wolf, the forest and the moon in the forest are all shown in a very natural and tear-jerking manner. Changing from a human to a wolf can be very scary. The way each part changes.. Wolf expressions.. Is a real wolf like this? They have brought so much naturalness. Seeing the wolf in vfx 3D technology is like being in a new world. When the wolf jumps.. howls.. this is a good visual treat in many cases.

Todelu is a visual treat.. along with thrilling and action episodes there is also good comedy for belly laughs. Kids will enjoy it. But the thing to remember is.. you have to watch it in 3D.. otherwise you will miss the beauty in that visual treat. Those who want something new in the story may not like ‘Todelu’ but those who want to experience a visual treat, ‘Todelu’ will surprise them.

Coming to the story…Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan), a government contractor, gets a contract to build a road in a dense forest area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh. As a part of that, he goes there to cut down the forests and collect land from the adivasis living there. He tries to deceive those who are far from civilization and take places. But a wolf hinders his efforts. A wolf attacks Bhaskar while wandering in the forest. Then it bites him. From then on, changes begin in Bhaskar. He turns into a wolf at night. Palita becomes a hunter of those who want to destroy the forest. As a Bhaskar by day.. as a wolf by night.. his life suddenly turns upside down. Has Bhaskar become human again? Who turned him into a wolf? why That is the story of the movie. It has lots of twists and interesting scenes. All of them have to be seen on the screen.

Varun Dhawan did a great job in the scene where he changes shape and turns into a wolf. As the wolf came out tearing the muscles.. body parts changing one by one.. superpowers.. smelling.. hearing small sounds.. walking with legs and arms.. a vegetarian eating cannibals and drinking their blood. . Varun acted brilliantly by showing various variations of the changes that take place in his body. He scared us with his fierce acting.. and in some scenes he made us feel sorry for him. Varun showed all shades in acting. Especially in the scene where the snake comes out of its cheddi in the forest, the tears are moving.

And Abhishek Banerjee as Bhaskar’s friend Jethi impressed with his comedy timing. He shouldered the entire comedy part in this movie. Even in hair-raising action scenes, he made the audience smile. In the scene where the wolf is biting Pirra.. the hero has done a great job with his comic timing in the scenes where he collects faeces for the test. Apart from being a friend of the hero, he also played comedy in a role with a family relationship. He never lost his comedy timing from starting to ending. In other words, he is the one who appears on the screen more than the heroine.

Another friend of the hero Jomin (Paalin Kabak) also plays a key role in the story. Bhaskar, Jomin and JD are the three who will continue the story of ‘Wolf’. Jomin and JD showed their desire to befriend him and turn him into a man even though they knew their friend turned into an animal. The scenes of this trio combo are not only comedy but also action and emotional. In the scene where Bhaskar turns into a wolf before Jomin and JD and comes to eat them, Jomin and JD are amazing with their performance. While smiling on one side.. on the other hand, they made the audience get involved in the story by appearing as innocent as Elara Babu.

Kriti Sanon played the role of Dr. Anika. Kriti Sanon’s character as a veterinary doctor was good but it could have been better. The scene where she is introduced is very good.. She is the heroine. The highlight is the scene where Kriti Sanan takes the hero to the forest and shows the beauty of the forest. It seems that the director has created a world there. They showed the beauty of the forest so naturally. But it’s a pity that the heroine’s beauty is lost before the beauty. That is why the work is not highlighted much on the screen. In this, instead of keeping Kriti as a cattle doctor…her character was given a good hype in the second half with a twist that was beyond the imagination of the audience. But this twist may not give much of a kick to the audience who are already familiar with her role.

What will happen in the story.. what will happen next.. knowing what the climax will be in advance.. the minus of this movie. But this is overshadowed by the fact that the first off is so gripping with a visual treat. In the interval bang, the hairs become thick. Bhaskar is interesting in the second half with the scene where he turns into a wolf. They have created an impact on what will happen next. But the second half seems to have been stretched by the elements. Although we see a wonderful world on the screen.. the second half along with the climax also seems to be washed out.

Although there are minus points in terms of story and narration, the acting of the actors and the graphics make them all disappear. It must be said that people who are bored of watching regular movies will like it very much. The audience coming out of the theater say this is Paisa Vasool movie.


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