After seeing the festival, he returned to the hospital after promising his parents that he would come back soon; Vandana died when she was about to go for PG studies – KERALA – GENERAL

Kottayam: A loved one of a country and a home was killed in an attack by a young man who was taken to the Kottarakkara taluk hospital for medical examination by the police. Doctor Vandana Das is a native of Muttuchira Pattalamuk near Kottayam Katturutthi. Vandana is the only daughter of Abkari businessman Mohan Das and Vasantakumari. ‘Dr.’ on the wall of the house. Vandana Das MBBS’ board has become a no-brainer.

Vandana, who was good at studies, studied in the country till Plus Two. Later, her parents sent Vandana to Aziziya Medical College to study MBBS with high expectations. Vandana and her family are very popular with the locals. Tragedy befell Vandana while preparing for her PG studies. Vandana last came home a month and a half ago. He had come to watch the weighing of Garuda as part of the festival at the Kunnasherikav Devi temple near the house. After staying with his family for a few days, he returned to the hospital promising to come back soon.


Vandana (23), a house surgeon at Kottarakkara taluk hospital, died while under attack in a private hospital. Sandeep, who was taken into police custody and taken to the hospital, stabbed the doctor to death. Vandana was rushed to Thiruvananthapuram early in the morning, seriously injured in the attack with surgical instruments, but her life could not be saved. He was stabbed six times. The stab wound to the back also entered the lung. He was also stabbed in the back.


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