Action against 80 policemen in Thillu Tajpuria’s murder case

Action against 80 policemen in Thillu Tajpuria’s murder case
Action against 80 policemen in Thillu Tajpuria’s murder case

Action against 80 police personnel in Tihar Jail murder case of Tillu Tajpuria. Tihar Jail authorities informed that the administration has transferred 80 Jail Police Officers. According to a report by news agency ANI, these include 5 Deputy Superintendents, 9 Assistant Superintendents, 8 Head Wardens and 50 Wardens. Earlier on May 11, there was an important action at the administrative level. On May 11, the government had transferred 99 policemen. So far 171 prison officials have been transferred since Tillu Tajpuria’s murder.

It is noteworthy that Tillu Tajpuria was killed on May 2 in Tahir Jail. The CCTV video of Tahir Jail went viral on social media. Gangster Thillu Tajpuria can be seen in this video being assaulted by assailants in front of security personnel. Tunda, Rajesh alias Yogesh, Deepak alias Teetar and Riyaz Khan of Tillu Tajpuria’s Gogi gang are being hinted at. The police found that the assailants had been planning to kill Tillu Tajpuria for years. In this situation, the Delhi High Court had raised several questions against the Tihar Jail administration.

The Delhi High Court questioned why the security personnel deployed in the jail premises did not have walkie talkies to communicate with each other. Thillu was imprisoned in the Tajpuria High Security Cell and then killed while the security personnel were watching the incident live. Justice Jasmit Singh had questioned that the incident was being disturbed after seeing it live on the CCTV cameras. What is the distance between the prison and the observation area? The officers who saw the incident raised questions like how they could not stop the assailants.

The Delhi High Court was hearing the plea filed by Tajpuria’s father and brother and asked for a CBI probe into the matter. Meanwhile, the public prosecutor informed that the accused have been arrested. This means that when the incident takes place, the security personnel will go from the observation area into the prison. Along with this, the court also asked why the authorities should wait to take action if such incidents occur.

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