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Shraddawakar-style murder in Kerala… Businessman cut into pieces..!

Last Updated: May 26, 2023 at 4:52 p.m

An atrocity has taken place in Kerala. A hotel owner was brutally murdered by two friends in Kozhikode district. The trader’s dead body was cut into pieces, similar to the Shraddha Walker murder case. Later they took it in a trolley bag and threw it in the forest area.

Two accused in this case have been detained by the police and interrogated. Sensational things were revealed in the police investigation. According to the police, Siddique (58) from Tirur in Malappuram district is running a hotel business. He owns a hotel in Olavanna, Kozhikode.

As a result, he is staying in Olavanna, away from his family, taking care of the hotel business. On 18th of this month, he booked two rooms in a hotel in Erangipalem, Kozhikode. The accused Shibil (22) and his friend Farhana (18) from Palakkad also took a room in the same hotel.

Siddique was called by his son. No matter how many times I called, Siddiqui’s phone was switched off. At the same time, he received messages on his phone that he had withdrawn a huge amount of money from the ATM. They did not understand what was happening and filed a complaint with the police.

The police examined the CCTV footage. It was recorded in the CCTV that Siddique was also going to the hotel along with the accused. On May 19, Shibil and Farhana were seen coming down with a trolley bag. In this process, the police detained them and interrogated them.

Shibil worked in a hotel run by Siddique for 15 days. Siddiqui did not like Shibil’s behavior and dismissed him from work. It was in this sequence that the police found that Shibil and his girlfriend had murdered Siddiqui.
The police are investigating whether he committed the murder out of revenge for being dismissed from work or whether there were any other reasons. The police are estimating that the accused would have killed Siddique six days before.

Why did Siddiqui take a room in Erangipalem? The police are investigating. Siddiqui taking two rooms is also suspicious. Is there any honey trap behind the incident? It is being investigated in this sense. It seems that lakhs of rupees have been withdrawn from Siddiqui’s account. The police are investigating whether they were drawn by Siddiqui or by someone else.

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