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Karate Kalyani Responds On MAA Suspension About Her Comments On Sr NTR

Actress Karate Kalyani reacted to being suspended from Movie Artistes Association. He said that the hard work he had done for the film industry was well appreciated. He said that he was very saddened by our suspension. He made it clear that his fight will not stop no matter how many tricks are played against us. He expressed his grief saying that this is the reward for his honesty.

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Meanwhile, our actions were taken as her comments on the installation of senior NTR’s statue on the Lakaram Tankbund in Khammam were controversial. ‘Maa’ has also issued showcause notices to explain the comments made on NTR.

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Karate Kalyani said..’ Even though she has been in the industry for 23 years. No matter who, when or what is said, I am disturbed. Paint it, write it and think it is my industry, my industry. For going like that, my honesty got due credit. I asked to put NTR statue. Not opposed. Say no in the form of Krishna. Why are you rooting for me? Couldn’t answer because of my health. Spent only three days. At least a week’s notice was also given. That’s why I was suspended. I have no personal grudge against anyone. No offense to our association. I didn’t do anything wrong. It is not known whether that decision was taken under the pressure of someone.’ They said.

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