Clash in SP-RLD alliance? Now work is being done on new strategy, know Jayant Chaudhary’s plan

Clash in SP-RLD alliance? Now work is being done on new strategy, know Jayant Chaudhary’s plan
Clash in SP-RLD alliance? Now work is being done on new strategy, know Jayant Chaudhary’s plan

Uttar Pradesh News: Political parties have become active in the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. Political parties are constantly making strategies to win maximum seats in the Lok Sabha elections. At the same time, in order to stop the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, the opposition parties are constantly increasing their interaction with each other. So that in 2024, when there is a conflagration of the Lok Sabha, all of them together can defeat the BJP. Meanwhile, Rashtriya Lok Dal has done the work of giving a message to other parties including BJP by holding a press conference in the capital Lucknow.

Preparation for Lok Sabha elections

In the press conference, the Rashtriya Lok Dal talked about its strategies in the Lok Sabha elections as well as appealed to all the opposition parties to fight together to stop the BJP. At the same time, UP even talked to the state president of the party, Ramashish Rai, regarding the strategy of RLD in the Lok Sabha elections. Ramashish Rai told UP Tak that, ‘For the first time RLD 112 candidates won in the municipal elections. It has become clear from this that RLD is no longer just a village party. Because our candidates have won in Municipal Corporation and Metropolitan Municipality and the reason behind this is our National President Jayant Chaudhary. For the last one year, while working at the grassroots level, he was raising the issues of public opinion. Jayant Chowdhary ji fought in the matter from Hathras to Lakhimpur Kheri and as a result of this we performed well in the elections.

Clash in SP-RLD alliance?

RLD State President Ramashish Rai told that, ‘At the time of civic elections, the SP fielded its candidates on all the seats, whereas we wanted to contest the civic elections together, but Akhilesh Yadav distributed tickets to all. Even in Baghpat they fielded their candidates. That is why we lost in the West by very few votes because the SP had fielded its candidates in front of us. Ramashish Rai told that, ‘The alliance with SP was done for the assembly elections but we want that the alliance should continue in the Lok Sabha also. So that democracy can be saved together. As far as the Lok Sabha elections are concerned, it cannot come together in majority without coming together.

He told that, ‘The front of UPA and NDA is still visible in the country. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s activism is increasing his scope and all political parties have agreed to fight together and together they will defeat BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Now working on new strategy

Till UP, the State President of Rashtriya Lok Dal told that, this time Nitish Kumar can contest from Bihar as well as any Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh. That is, he will contest elections from two Lok Sabha seats, one from Bihar and one from Uttar Pradesh. However, it is not yet decided from which seat in UP he will contest. Ramashish Rai explains that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections cannot be fought by isolating the Congress because the Congress is a big party. He said that RLD has 12 such seats in the Lok Sabha elections,
Where she can beat anyone and win.

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