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Grandfather! This is not a human… A small girl hit a 6 feet man with a strong push, did the soul enter the body? , mumbai woman claims paranormal activity with her daughter users stunned

This is the story of a 7 year old girl. Whose life changed completely after that one night, when he punched a 6-foot man so hard that he fell to the ground.


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Updated: Friday, May 26, 2023, 16:53 [IST]

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Credit: Humans of Bombay/Instagram

Do you believe in paranormal activities? Do you also think that the words of being possessed by a spirit are true? If the answer to all these things is yes, then you must read this story.

Everything changed after that night…
This is the story of a woman, who has shared such a story of her daughter, after knowing which you will be surprised. The woman told that at first the family rejected this but one incident changed everyone’s belief forever.

people didn’t believe
Humans of Bombay has shared this story on its Instagram handle. The identity of the girl has been hidden. Many people termed this claim of the woman as fabricated and many believed that it looks like a Bollywood film. At the same time, many said that why such things are being spread on social media without any proof?

daughter started shaking vigorously
It all started when the whole family was sitting together watching a movie and suddenly the daughter fell down and started shaking. Everyone thought he had a stroke and they started making preparations to take him to the hospital. A neighbor said that he would take him but as soon as they started lifting him, the girl pushed him hard and he fell down with a thud.


The girl pushed the 6 feet man
It was not normal at all for such a small girl to be pushed so hard. After this the neighbor said that it is something else. The woman says that it took 6 years to get her out of her daughter’s body. It all started when she was 7 years old. The woman says imagine a 7 year old girl pushing a 6 feet man.
After that night, the neighbor said that the strength inside your daughter was not that of a human being. I felt as if I had stopped breathing.

baby girl became irritable
Many people dismissed it as just a superstition. But little did we know that after this everything would change. From that day onwards the child became very irritable. She used to get angry when we went to the temple. His eyes started turning red when he entered inside. At first I was very scared, after that I asked who are you? She started speaking fluent Gujarati. While he did not know Gujarati at all.

The reason for the strange behavior of the girl came to the fore
His voice became like a boy. There was no solution to this problem. We had to live like this for 6 years. It was later learned that the park where the girl used to go had a graveyard. Regarding hiding the identity on social media, people said that there is no evidence of this incident. In such a situation, it can also be a concoction. Some proof has to be given. But this page is known for posting true stories.

Page clarified
Clarifying the whole matter, Humans of Bombay said, please note. This is a true story narrated by a Bombay resident to our writer. However, there were several reasons due to which his identity could not be revealed.

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mumbai woman claims paranormal activity with her daughter users stunned

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