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Humans like this! A young man quit his job and built a wooden house in the forest; Cost of living is low

Humans like this! A young man quit his job and built a wooden house in the forest; Cost of living is low
Humans like this! A young man quit his job and built a wooden house in the forest; Cost of living is low

Even if they have a decent job, most people struggle with the high cost of living. Even if there is a shortfall in the salary, the monthly budget may be out of balance and sometimes you have to take a loan. But what if you can quit your job and reduce your living expenses along with it. A 35-year-old man named Robert Breton has shown that such a life is possible if he thought it was impossible.

Robert was working as a cashier at a supermarket in Northern California. At some point as life progressed, Robert decided he needed a change in this lifestyle. So in 2011 he traveled across America and finally found a comfortable place to live in a forested area in Hawaii. Wanting land in the hinterland, Robert acquired a quarter acre plot without a second thought.

After that, the next plan was to build a house like Erumadam. So he raised a little from the floor and started working on his house. He built the house in a simple way but with all the comforts. Including the cost of the land and building materials, the total cost to Robert was $29,850 (24.6 lakhs). Since moving here, Robert has followed a sustainable lifestyle with an emphasis on nature conservation.

As it is located in an agricultural area, the house did not have to get a building permit. The total area of ​​this small house is only 200 square feet. But it has all the necessary facilities like living area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with shower system. Apart from this, a special green house has been set up for growing sweet potato and leaf crops. In addition to this, it takes an hour’s walk to reach the next town to buy food grains. He has also gained a lot of fans by sharing about his new lifestyle through social media. Currently, his income comes from advertising revenue and profits from his supplement business.

The house runs on electricity from solar energy. Rainwater is collected for kitchen and bathroom use. It seems that this is a very difficult way of life for those who see it, but Robert says that he does not feel that anything has changed from his old life. Apart from spending $25 (Rs. 2000) per month for internet access, there is no extra cost of living here. The only difficulty Robert experienced at first was not being able to order groceries or rely on garbage collection systems. But after understanding about the responsibility towards nature and starting to compost the waste, the problem of waste has also been solved.

Robert shows through his experience that anyone can live in harmony with nature if they put their mind to it. He also shares the hope that the same sustainable lifestyle can be followed in the future as well.

English Summary- Man Quit Job to Stay in Tree House- Sustainable Living

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