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Chief killed in broad daylight in Bihar, taken away from home and then shot

Chief killed in broad daylight in Bihar, taken away from home and then shot
Chief killed in broad daylight in Bihar, taken away from home and then shot


This incident of murder is from Madhepura district of Bihar.
This incident of murder was carried out after calling the chief from home
According to the family members of the deceased, extortion was also sought a few days back.

Madhepura. In Bihar’s Madhepura district, criminals have carried out a major incident. The incident is of Murliganj police station area of ​​Sadar subdivision where the present head of Dinapatti Sakhua Panchayat was shot dead by fearless criminals in broad daylight. In relation to the incident, it is said that at 10 am two people came to call Chief Dilip Kumar. After having food, he left with them on his bike.

Meanwhile, fearless criminals opened fire on the canal between Tilkaura-Sakhuwa bridge, in which Dilip Kumar died on the spot. Hearing the sound of gunshots, till the time the villagers ran towards the spot, two criminals riding a bike were seen running away waving weapons. After the death of the headman, his family members are crying bitterly while there is anger among the villagers too. People say that two days ago some criminals called the chief and demanded extortion, which was complained by the chief in the police station.

People allege that no action was taken by the police in this matter, as a result of which the criminals killed them today. People angry with the incident have demanded the arrest of the criminals as soon as possible. On the information of this incident of murder, the police of Murliganj and nearby police station reached the spot and are trying to pacify the anger of the people. In this regard, SP Rajesh Kumar told that Sadar SDPO has been sent to the spot. He said that soon the culprits would be identified and arrested. Raids are being conducted by the police to arrest the suspects immediately.

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