Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil Hit Back To Some Maratha Organization Who Take Objection On Surname Patil

Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil Hit Back To Some Maratha Organization Who Take Objection On Surname Patil
Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil Hit Back To Some Maratha Organization Who Take Objection On Surname Patil

Gautami Patil: Injuring the youth with her heartwarming performances, every program across the state draws houseful crowds Gautami Patil (Gautami Patil) is once again in controversy. Now there is a controversy over her last name and because of Gautami the Patil last name is defamed, so there is a demand that she should not use the Patil name. Maratha OrganizationsDun (Maratha Sanghatana) has been done, ‘I am Patil and I will use this name’, Gautami Patil has warned that she will not back down.

She will be the most talked about person in the state for the last year and a half Gautami Patil.. Gautami Patil and Vada’s game of backstitching continues. Where there is Gautami, there is controversy. Now Gautami Patil is again involved in a new controversy. But this time the controversy is not about her dance but about her last name. ‘I am Patil and I will use this name’, I don’t care what anyone says about me.’ ‘The events I do are cultural events.’ Gautami has said that these programs of mine have been going well.

‘Sabse Katil Gautami Patil‘ Such a tag line is used in the case of Gautami, but the Patil surname itself has been opposed by Maratha organizations. A meeting was recently held in Pune on the dispute over Gautami’s last name. In this meeting it has been claimed that Gautami’s last name is not Patil. Gautami’s real surname is not Patil, but Chabukswar. She is defaming the Patels by using Patil surname. Gautami should not use the surname Patil. Otherwise, her program will not be allowed in Maharashtra’, the direct warning of the Maratha coordinator Rajendra Jarhad Patil has been given by Gautami has made it clear through her reaction that she will not back down.

Pay attention to the question in the Maratha community.

Gautami Patil A Maratha organization in Pune has objected to the fact that Patil should not be given the surname. However, the Maratha organization in Jalgaon has protested against that position and has said that it is with Gautami. Surendra Patil, former district president of Maratha Seva Sangh, said that the name Patil is not limited to a community but the chief who manages the village was given the title of Patil. Gautam Patil is a good artist and in a democracy everyone has the right to name. It is not authoritarian or tyrannical but wrong to do so. Those who threatened Gautami Patil should also pay attention to the fact that there are many problems in Maratha society. Surendra Patil said that I do not believe that Gautami Patil’s last name is Patil and the Maratha community is being defamed.

It is basically madness to say that Patil should not be named.

It is basically madness to say that Patil should not be named. Patil is a surname and Patil, Deshpande, Kulkarni, Desai were the people who managed the village. The surname Patil is not a monopoly of any caste. No one disagrees that Gautami Patil should preserve the means. In the case of Gautami Patil, if you want to say sadhan suchita, her program should not be attended by Maratha community children, program takers should not organize. It is wrong to call Gautami Patil by any name. Rangkarmi Shambhu Patil has appealed to the Maratha community not to defame the community by creating any unnecessary controversy that it is the responsibility of the Maratha community to provide security to women since the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Who is Gautami Patil?

Gautami Patil is originally from Shindkheda taluka of Dhule district. A few days ago Gautami has also been glorified as ‘Khandesh Kanya’. She was felicitated by former minister and BJP leader Jayakumar Rawal.. Gautami was taken care of by her maternal uncle since childhood. Gautami has been living in Pune with her mother for the past several years. She lives in Shindkhed in Dhule district. According to local information, none of her close relatives live there except her old grandparents.

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