This mix oil is the cure for these 5 major problems related to hair, know which two mix oils will keep hair healthy

Mix oil for hair massage: Many different oils are massaged to remove hair related problems. But do you know that using some oils together gives double benefits.

Best oil for healthy hair: The health of the hair is very delicate and many a time there is a slight change in the body or there is some change in the environment, problems related to the hair start. That’s why it is also very important to take care of hair health. By the way, there are many hair care products available in the market, which help in removing the problems of hair fall or dryness in hair. But it is not necessary that these products can work properly on your hair, even some chemical based products can cause side effects. At the same time, there are some home remedies, with the help of which these hair problems can be overcome. But it is also not sure whether these products will be able to work properly or not. But there are some things that work most effectively in dealing with hair problems and they include oils etc. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about the benefits of mixing two different types of oils for hair.

mix these two oils

Rosemary and almond oils are commonly used to overcome most of the problems related to hair. But mixing these two oils can also be used. Mixing these two oils and using them works as a home remedy. These two oils mix together separately and hence using them by mixing gives double benefit.

Benefits of Almond and Rosemary Oil

Using rosemary and almond oil gives the following benefits to the hair.

prevent hair fall

If you are feeling the problem of hair fall, then you should mix almond and rosemary oil and apply it. By mixing both the oils and using them, the problems of hair fall can be overcome to a great extent.

remove dryness of hair

Both almond and rosemary oils are known to provide nourishment to the hair. Mixing them and massaging them gives a lot of nutrition to the hair, due to which the hair becomes smooth and dryness goes away to a great extent. That’s why people who have the problem of dry hair, especially they must consume it.

prevent gray hair

Although graying of hair is sometimes due to internal reasons, but if the hair is well taken care of and adequate nutrition is provided, then the risk of graying of hair can be reduced to a great extent. If you massage with a mixture of rosemary and almond oil at least twice a week, it can be very beneficial.

how to use

It is very easy to prepare and use this mixture. First of all, put one spoon of rosemary in a clean bowl and add two spoons of almond oil to it. Mix well and apply in hair and shampoo with lukewarm water after at least two hours. Keep in mind that before massaging it in the hair, no other product has been used in the hair. If you have used any product, then the doctor should shampoo first and then use it after drying the hair.

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