Government Bus Accident, Puthukkottai-Poliro vehicle collided with a government bus; Financial assistance to victims! – Bolero vehicle collided with government bus in Pudukottai

Pudukottai District Viralimalai
Palaniappan hails from Chennai. He and his four friends Satish, Saravanan and Lokeswaran had gone to Kodumbalur near Viralimalai in Pudukottai district in their own Bolero vehicle to attend a funeral.

A government bus collided with a Bolero vehicle
After that, while they were going back home, a government bus heading towards Manaparai on the Pudukottai road in a village called Kodumbalur unexpectedly collided with Bolero vehicles. Palaniappan and Sathishkumar, who were in the Bolero, died on the spot in the accident.

Flood Hazard Safety Exercise-Pudukottai Collector inaugurated

Viralimalai Government Hospital
Saravanan and Yogeswaran who came with them were seriously injured. Neighbors rescued them and sent them to Viralimalai Government Hospital for treatment in 108 ambulance. Saravanan died without treatment.

Member of Viralimalai Assembly Constituency C.Vijayabaskar
And Yogeswaran is undergoing intensive treatment. In this case, former Tamil Nadu Health Minister and member of Viralimalai Assembly Constituency C.Vijayabaskar personally visited the families of the three victims of the road accident and condoled them.

Several lakh liters of Palaru water was wasted due to the rupture of the Palaru drinking water pipe in Patapai.!!

Financial assistance to victims
Apart from that he also provided financial assistance. After that, he personally visited Yogeswaran who was undergoing treatment in the hospital and consoled him and provided financial assistance. He told Saravanan that he is praying to the Lord that you will get well soon and I am recommending the doctor to give you good treatment. During this event. It is noteworthy that the minister was accompanied by AIADMK leaders and local people.

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