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Hotel owner’s murder, accused worked at Shibil hotel for only 15 days – LOCAL – KOZHIKODE

Hotel owner’s murder, accused worked at Shibil hotel for only 15 days – LOCAL – KOZHIKODE
Hotel owner’s murder, accused worked at Shibil hotel for only 15 days – LOCAL – KOZHIKODE

Kozhikode: The police are trying to unravel the mystery of why the murdered Siddique took a room in a hotel near Eranjipalam Junction in Kozhikode despite having a room next to his own hotel in Olavanna. Siddique is the owner of Chick Bake in Olavanna Town. The establishment consists of a hotel and a bakery. The building in which the shops are operating also belongs to Siddique. Siddique has his own room there. Siddique goes home four days a week. The rest of the days stay in the upper room of the hotel.

Siddique’s family filed a missing complaint on the 18th. Yusuf, a cook there, says that Siddique reached the hotel from home that afternoon. It is reported that Siddique had no previous acquaintance with accused Shibili. Shibil came to work at the hotel through one of his relatives. Shibil’s job was to supply and beat juice. Shibil was employed for only 15 days.

Siddique fired Shibil on 18 due to misconduct. Yusuf also says that the full salary was paid. That very day, Siddique took a room at the hotel in Eranjipalam. Siddique’s phone was working till that night. When his wife called him, he said that he was in Vadakara. The phone was switched off at night. After filing a complaint with the police, it was learned that a room had been booked at a hotel in Eranjipalam.


Two rooms
Siddique had booked two rooms at D Casa Hotel in Eranjipalam on the 18th. Shibili and Farhana were staying in room G3. Siddique in G4. The initial conclusion of the police is that the murder took place in this room. The footage could not be collected as the hotel’s CCTV was out of order. Yesterday morning, when I checked the CCTV of a nearby clothing store, I got the footage of the bag containing the body being loaded into the car.

Between 3.09 pm and 3.19 pm on the 19th, bags are being loaded into a car parked in front of the hotel. After 15 minutes of parking the car, the first bag was loaded into Shibli’s trunk. After a while, Farhana also arrived with the next bag. Then the two get into the car and are seen in the footage. The police concluded that another accused Ashi was also in the car.

Hotel in Eranjipalam

Started recently

The hotel in Eranjipalam, where the murder took place, was opened recently. The hotel authorities have given a statement to the police that the damaged CC TV was restored on the 19th. The police is also investigating this. The murder was confirmed when the forensic team found blood stains in the hotel. The hotel was under police surveillance for three days. Computers and accessories at the hotel reception were taken into custody by the police.

After the murder, the money was taken

The question that perplexes the police is that Shibili, who was an employee of the hotel for only 15 days, had an enmity with Siddique. It is said that Shibili’s bad character caused him to be kicked out of the hotel on the 18th. However, the police are also investigating why Siddique took the rooms in Eranjipalat on the same day.
Even if personal enmity is believed to be the murder, the motive that led to it is unclear. Police are also investigating whether the accused got help from criminal gangs. After the murder, the accused continuously withdrew money from Siddique’s ATM. From this it is inferred that the aim of the accused was to extort money. The body was cut into pieces and transferred into two bags using a sharp weapon. It is concluded that the murder was committed on the 18th. The body was moved the next day.

The article is in Malayalam

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