Kayal serial update today!

Kayal serial update today!
Kayal serial update today!

By abducting Murthy’s child, Periappa Dharmalingam shows that he will go to any lengths. Fans are waiting to see how Anu, Kayal, Eghil and Murthy rescue Anu who is mistakenly trapped in an old stuffed cotton.

Gayal Today Episode | Kayal serial today episode youtube 27th May 2023

Anu’s mother prays to God to bring back her lost daughter. Not knowing that Periappa Dharmalingam had done this, Murthy and Kayal went to the place where Anu was kept and were upset that they could not save her. Murthy tries to break the door to save him somehow. At that time Egil enters through another route and tries to save Anu.

Kayal Yesterday Episode | Kayal serial yesterday episode youtube 26th May 2023

Periyappa Dharmalingam calls the servant who has kidnapped Murthy’s child. He asks if the child is kept in a safe place. For that servant brother, we keep all that in a safe place, don’t worry. He says that papa is crying.

To that, Periyappa says that even if Dharmalingam had been stolen, Papa would not have cried, but would have read twinkle twinkle. He says keep it safe, he has filed a police complaint. Then hangs up.

Kayal, Eghil and Murthy come to know the address of a house. The door of the house is closed. Immediately, Murthy enters trespassing and beats someone there. Despite Kayal and Eghar’s persuasion, Murthy goes out of his way to beat up the person, only to find out that he is the wrong person. Gayal and Eghil come out and Eghil comes up with an idea to pacify Murthy.

He asks his friend who works in the police to check all the CCTV footage. He immediately admits that he does too. Then Murthy breaks down and cries. He cries that he cannot find the child. Then everyone leaves in the car.

Search is going on from all sides. At that time, the police friend finds out that Koovam is going somewhere in Saidapet. He then hangs up saying that he is ready to help and tell him right away.

Meanwhile, Periyappa Dharmalingam receives a phone call. Ezhilin’s mother has called him. He asks him if Murthy’s child is missing. He says that he went out immediately after planting his foot. Ezhilin’s mother asks you to kidnap the child yourself. Angered by this, Dharmalingam says that he did not abduct. Dharmalingam informs that honestly I did not kidnap. Ezhilin’s mother tells Dharmalinga that Tappa should not take it.

No one can find Murthy’s child Anu. Kamakshi falls at my feet, the murti cries. Dharmalingam tells Vadiv that we will leave our daughter after her marriage.

Baby Anu is brooding in the dark. He is scared and keeps crying “Mom, Mom”. Rowdy tells him what one wants to eat. He feels sorry and goes outside and says that papa is buying something to eat biryani too. He tells the 3 rowdies to be calm and comes out.

In the same street, Eghil, Kayal and Murthy are looking for the omni car with mobile in hand. They are going to every shop and asking everyone about it. The auto dealer, the biryani shop, the plastic shop are asking one by one.

At that time, Rowdy, who has kidnapped the child, buys biscuits and chocolates for Papa and also buys packets of biryani. Noticing that, Egil says that he can follow him and follows him in the car.

Kayal Tomorrow Episode | Kayal serial tomorrow episode youtube 28th May 2023

Periappa Dharmalingam abducts Murthy’s child so that his daughter can get married and keeps the whole family apart. At that moment, the ball collapses and shocks everyone.

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