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4 young doctors die in Tamil Nadu in 2 days: Doctor Pugahendi shock report

4 young doctors die in Tamil Nadu in 2 days: Doctor Pugahendi shock report
4 young doctors die in Tamil Nadu in 2 days: Doctor Pugahendi shock report

Recently in Tamil Nadu the death of 4 doctors at a young age, who were not addicted to drugs/drinking/smoking, has caused a shock. Dr. Maru. V. Bhujahendi has issued a report on this.

Environmentalist and anti-Kalpakkam nuclear power plant activist Dr. Pugahendi said in a statement: “In such an environment it is important to find out the causes of death. Only by knowing the causes can appropriate preventive measures be taken.

CHENNAI STANLEY HOSPITAL-DHANUSH (Practitioner)-24 yrs, Thanjavur-Vijay Suresh Khanna-38 yrs-Assistant Professor, Trichy-Government Hospital-Sathish Kumar-46 yrs-Surgeon, Apollo-Gaurav Gandhi-41 yrs-Cardiac Surgery All four experts died within 2 days.

Is workload responsible for their deaths? While the question has arisen, Tamil Nadu Health Minister, “these deaths cannot be considered as rare deaths; “Government doctors cannot be considered to be overburdened with these incidents,” he said. It raises the question.

Some experts are of the opinion that if there is a 14-hour work load, the heart rate goes up to 150 instead of the normal 90 and that is not good. Some medical experts say that 14-hour work-loads can cause “stress” to produce too much cortisol and cause harm.

However, there is likely to be another major reason behind the death of the four, which remains largely unsaid. It is the corona vaccine.

As the possibility of death due to Myocarditis due to corona vaccine is very high, it is better for the government to conduct a detailed study on this.

Cardiovascular inflammation caused by corona is 7 times more than the inflammation caused by corona vaccine, it is important to do post-mortems/studies on it as corona vaccine can also cause death of young doctors.

As the death rate after Corona has increased by several thousand in England, studies are being conducted on the role of Corona vaccine, studies on the role of Corona vaccine should also be conducted in Tamil Nadu.

Kanyakumari in Govt When I sent an e-mail to the Tamil Nadu Public Health Department that the corona vaccine could be the reason for the high death toll after corona in the district, it was good news that they are going to conduct the above studies taking that into account.

The government should take steps to properly identify and prevent the causes of death of doctors.

Can there be an alternative view that it is important to prevent preventable deaths, even if it is a life?”, said Maru.V.Bugahendi.

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