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Sleep with any of these 10 items under your pillow and you’ll wake up lucky. Keep These Things Under The Pillow While Sleeping, Luck And Wealth Will Come To You

Sleep with any of these 10 items under your pillow and you’ll wake up lucky. Keep These Things Under The Pillow While Sleeping, Luck And Wealth Will Come To You
Sleep with any of these 10 items under your pillow and you’ll wake up lucky. Keep These Things Under The Pillow While Sleeping, Luck And Wealth Will Come To You

To maintain happiness, prosperity and peace in life, many things are mentioned in Vastu Shastra. Various ways are mentioned in the scriptures to make life happy and prosperous. Following them will bring happiness and peace in your life. There are certain things in Vastu that destroy negative energy and increase the flow of positive energy in life.

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Vastu says that if you put some things under your pillow before going to bed at night, you can please Goddess Lakshmi. Not only this, but doing certain things brings peace of mind and increases positive energy. According to astrology, placing certain items under the bed or under the pillow will remove planetary doshas. Keeping these items under your pillow while sleeping will increase your luck. With the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, achievements will also come to you.

Fragrant flowers
According to Vastu Shastra, placing fragrant flowers near the pillow while sleeping brings positivity and peace. It also reduces your mental stress.

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Holy scriptures
According to Vastu experts, holy scriptures should be kept near the pillow for good sleep and good thoughts at night. If you do this you will not have nightmares at night. It is also said to help you sleep better. For this you can keep Bhagwat Gita near your pillow.

Cardamom and Fennel
According to astrology, if you tie cardamom or fennel in paper or cloth and place it under the bed, you will get a good night’s sleep. By doing this remedy, doshas related to planets also get removed. If fennel is tied in a white cloth and placed under the pillow while sleeping, Rahu Dosha will be removed. By doing this you can get rid of nightmares and mental problems. It clears your mind and always brings happiness.

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It is said that if you do not sleep at night or if you have nightmares at night, you should keep an iron object near the bed. It is believed to reduce the effect of negative forces around you.

Placing a clove of garlic under your pillow while sleeping will spread positive energy around you. It helps in getting good sleep by eliminating negative energy.

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the gold
If you sleep with gold and silver ornaments under your pillow, Mars evil will be removed. If you are afraid of exams, put your books under your pillow and sleep close to them. By doing this you will get success.

Hanuman Chalisa
If you have frightening dreams while sleeping at night, keep Hanuman Chalisa under or near your pillow to avoid night terrors. Also gets relief from nightmares.

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To remove sun dosha and moon dosha
If the Sun is in an inauspicious position in the horoscope, blood sandalwood should be mixed with water in a copper vessel under the bed. If the position of the Moon in the horoscope is not correct, keep a silver bowl filled with water under the bed. Otherwise, sleep with a silver ring under your pillow.

To remove Mercury Dosha
To remove the problems caused by Mars, water should be kept in a bronze vessel under the pillow or ornaments made of gold and silver should be kept under the pillow. It is beneficial to keep small gold ornaments like rings and earrings under the pillow to get good results related to Mercury.

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To remove Shanidosha
If there are problems in life due to Jupiter, fill a brass bowl with water under the bed or tie turmeric in a yellow cloth and place it under the pillow. If Venus gives inauspicious results, keep a silver fish under the pillow or a silver bowl of water under the bed. To remove Shani Dosha, an iron pot filled with water and placed under the bed or an iron ring or sapphire under the pillow is beneficial.

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