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Do you know who killed Mohan Babu’s first wife?

Mohan Babu needs no special introduction. Once acted as a villain and hero in many movies. Currently, he is limited to father roles. So far Mohan Babu has acted in almost 600 films. He excelled not only as an actor but also as a producer and politician. He also does many service activities. Very few people know that Mohan Babu’s first wife died. But now let’s know why his first wife died…Mohan Babu’s original name was Bhaktavatsalam. Mohan Babu got married to a girl named Vidya Devi when he entered the film industry.

Manchu Lakshmi and Manoj were born to them a few days apart. After the marriage, Mohan Babu became a very busy artist as he got successive film opportunities. Being busy with movies during the day, it used to be very late when the shooting was over. His wife Vidyadevi could not tolerate this. She always said that if the shooting comes at night, will you not have time to spend time with the children with me? Due to this, small quarrels and misunderstandings took place between the two. These fights continued for many days.

No matter how much Mohan Babu made a fuss, Vidya Devi took care one day. Their children were very young at the time of his death. They persuaded Mohan Babu to make up for the lack of a mother and married Vidyadevi’s sister Nirmala Devi. Manoj was born to them. Nirmala Devi used to take good care of her elder sister’s children. She looked after Lakshmi and Vishnu equally with Manoj. At first, Mohan Babu was very angry, but after marrying Nirmala Devi, that anger gradually subsided. Still, the philosophy of saying absolutely anything has not stopped.

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