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Doctor dies of heart attack in seminar


Published on : 6 August 2023, 1:50 am



Navi Mumbai, 6 (Correspondent): An unfortunate incident has taken place when a doctor who suffered a heart attack failed to be saved despite the presence of more than twenty five expert doctors in a seminar organized for doctors. The incident that happened in Nerul on Friday is causing outrage. Dr. The deceased doctor’s name is Abhay Uppe and he is D. of Nerul. Y. Patil was working as the head of chest and respiratory disease department in the hospital.
A seminar was organized under the Current Knowledge Initiative (CME) for Doctors at Courtyard by Marriott in Nerul. In this conference D. Y. Dr. Patil Hospital Head of Chest and Respiratory Diseases Department. After being guided by Abhay Uppe (chest physician) he started feeling restless. Saying that he was not feeling well, he left the seminar to go home; But after approaching the elevator of the hotel, he fell down on the floor due to a heavy blow to his chest. After hearing the call for help, the attending doctors rushed to the lift. He was given CPR immediately. A cardiac ambulance was called as soon as the need was recognized. After the arrival of the ambulance within 11 minutes, the treatment was started from the ambulance. As Ragnavahika swam to Apollo Hospital, he was admitted to the cath lab. There chest physicians, cardiologists tried desperately to save him; But Dr. They failed to save Abhay Uppe.

A report of one and a half months ago was normal
Dr. Uppe’s dentist wife, mother and two children arrived at the hospital where he was pronounced dead of massive cardiac arrest. A month and a half ago Dr. Abhay Uppe had done routine CT angiography. His report was said to be normal. His body was cremated in Nerul on Saturday evening. Despite the team of expert doctors, Dr. Uppe’s life could not be saved.

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