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Rumor Review: A web series full of pressure, twists and turns beyond a few issues! | Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie web series review amazon prime released

Rumor Review: A web series full of pressure, twists and turns beyond a few issues! | Vadhandhi: The Fable of Velonie web series review amazon prime released
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A woman named Veloni is killed mysteriously in Kanyakumari district. As the police investigate who killed him, many confusions and mysteries begin to unravel one by one. Likewise, the rumor about the dead girl spreads like wildfire, and in the end, who killed Veloni? Why was he killed? – ‘Rumour’ is a crime-thriller web series that answers such questions. Andrew Lewis has written and directed this series which has been released on Amazon Prime OTT site. He has directed films including ‘Leelai’ and ‘Kolaikaran’. The series is produced by Pushkar-Gayatri.

As the mysteries pile up in the beginning of this 8-episode series, the same level of curiosity begins to rise. Replicating the local case of Kanyakumari, the director unflinchingly constructs a world within which a crime is committed and a place for the audience to enter.

Words like ‘Ormaiillla sir’ and ‘Pedikilla’, mixed with Malayalam language along with Manvasa adjacent to Kerala, cast originality. The director has tried to give the experience of traveling in the city by making the field as realistic as possible.

SJ Surya’s performance as a police sub-inspector gives life to the image of the town. There is a huge difference between this and the police character in ‘Manadu’. Especially the lines he speaks in the single shot in the 5th episode, his threatening body language as the series reaches its finale, maturity in the sentimental scenes, he has perfected the meter for the character without overacting.

Sanjana, who is playing the role of Veloni, is competing with senior actress Laila. She excels in acting as a debutante. Layla adds pressure to the character which has never been seen before. Apart from this, the acting of Vivek Prasanna, Nasser, Harish Baredi, Smruti Venkat etc. and the vernacular are the strengths of the story.

‘Truth will happen; Lies fly’, ‘The very good and the very bad speak alike; They will never find out’ verses are catchy. The moralistic dialogues at the end of the series also infuse a non-propaganda message rather than ending with a mere crime-thriller. Veloni’s deep writing of the character and layering of the background of the crime adds to the intensity of the entire series and moves it forward into subsequent episodes. Engaging screenplay tests the patiently pace of some episodes, taking too long to deceive the audience with a ‘false twist’. English subtitles are required to understand the local language in some places.

Beyond all this, the idea of ​​continuing to speak is compelling. A woman can be easily accused without any evidence, her TRP, the media’s greed for sensationalism, the media’s greed for sensationalism, sexual abuse of children, pressure on the police department to close the case, and rumors affecting the person involved continue to talk.

The occasional twists and turns are also enjoyable. The series finale has added to the pressure as it slams a society that enjoys making fun of an individual woman’s life and spreading lies.

The length of the series, the tendency to portray tribal people as criminals, the confusion of Nassar’s character, unnecessary scenes assembled for the sake of interest limit the flow of the screenplay. Similarly, I don’t understand the logic of the police turning a blind eye when another woman is victimized instead of Veloni. Besides, the land and forest of Kanyakumari are beautifully assembled in Saravanan Ramasamy’s cinematography. Simon King’s background score plays a huge role in building the world for the thriller.

All in all there are some issues but it’s worth watching with patience on weekends ‘Vathanthi’ is another interesting web series in Tamil.

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