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Kolkata News: Successful heart transplant in Howrah, Rakesh’s heart will now beat in Khushi’s chest

Kolkata News: Successful heart transplant in Howrah, Rakesh’s heart will now beat in Khushi’s chest
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Kolkata, State Bureau. On Saturday, a team of doctors at Howrah’s Narayana Superspeciality Hospital successfully transplanted the heart of a brain dead patient into the body of an 18-year-old girl student who was suffering from a serious heart ailment. After this, Rakesh’s heart will beat in the chest of Khushi, who has been suffering from heart disease for 12 years now. For this heart transplant, a green corridor was made by the police to cover a distance of six kilometers between Kolkata and Howrah.

Complicated operation lasted for four hours, the condition of the student is stable

On Saturday afternoon, a team of doctors took the brain dead patient’s heart from Government SSKM Hospital in Kolkata to Narayana Hospital on Andul Road, Howrah. The heart reached Howrah from Kolkata in just 20 minutes and the operation was started soon after. According to the doctors, this complicated operation which lasted for four hours was successful and after that everyone heaved a sigh of relief. After the operation, the doctors have declared the condition of the student to be stable.

Who is Khushi Sharma

Khushi Sharma lives in Ban Bihari Bose Road area of ​​Central Howrah. She is a student of class 3rd in Shree Jain Vidyalaya. Father Lakshmi Narayan Sharma told that for the first time in the year 2011, they came to know that he had heart disease. Treatment started. The doctors tried their best to cure it with medicines, but it was not possible. For the last year and a half, his problems started increasing. He was admitted to the hospital several times in the last few months. He had many types of disorders in his heart.

Medicines slowly started becoming ineffective. The doctors told the relatives that it is not possible to save Khushi except for a heart transplant, but getting a heart was not that easy. Recently he was admitted to Narayana Hospital. Meanwhile, the doctors got the news that a young man had died in SSKM and his relatives had decided to donate his organs. Contact was made on behalf of Narayana Hospital and consent was made to give heart.

Who was Rakesh, from whose heart Khushi got life

It was told that on the night of November 29, four youths were badly injured in a road accident on the Bansati Highway under the Leather Complex police station area of ​​Kolkata. All four were riding on two bikes. Both the bikes collided with a truck. All four were taken to SSKM Hospital, where doctors declared three brought dead. The fourth youth was Rakesh Das (22). Rakesh’s condition was very serious. He had an injury on his head. Doctors started treatment, but on Friday he was declared brain dead. After this, with the consent of relatives for organ donation, Khushi has got a new life.

He was involved in the heart transplant team

A team of doctors was formed for heart transplant. The team comprised of cardiac surgeons Dr. Devashish Das, Dr. Nilanjan Dutta, Dr. Pradeep Narayan, Dr. Manish Sharma, Dr. Rangan Kole, Dr. Shubhdeep Das, Dr. Amitabh Chattopadhyay, Dr. Sanjivan Ghosh and Dr. Joyta Nandy, who successfully performed the heart transplant. .

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