Stunt Master Suresh: Accident while shooting the movie.. Stunt master died

Published Date: December 4, 2022 9:33 am

Stunt Master: Another tragedy happened in the film industry. There was an accident during the shooting of the Tamil movie ‘Vidudalai’. Stunt master Suresh lost his life in an accident during the shooting of this film in the suburbs of Chennai. Stunt master Suresh, who was hanging from a rope as part of the shoot, fell down when the rope broke. He was seriously injured and died while being taken to the hospital. The incident took place in Kelambakkam near Chennai.

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Famous Tamil director Vetrimaran and hero Suri’s upcoming movie ‘Vidudalai’ is currently in the shooting phase. Stunt master Suresh accidentally fell and died while shooting the action scenes of this movie. With the death of stunt master, there is a tragedy in the Tamil industry. Tamil star hero Vijay Sethupathi will appear in a guest role in this movie. A set of train tracks was built for the scene at Unamancheri near Vandalur, a suburb of Chennai. In it, a train accident is depicted. As part of this, some actors including Suresh were attached to a huge crane and tied with ropes. But an accident occurred when the ropes broke.

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