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Bihar Bridge Collapse: What is Nitish government’s friendship with SP Singla Construction, which officer of Bihar is looting goods?

Bhagalpur: The bridge being constructed at Agwani Ganga Ghat in Sultanganj of Bhagalpur district of Bihar has emerged as a symbol of corruption. The corruption bridge connecting Khagaria and Bhagalpur got washed away in the river on Sunday evening. About 400 meters of the bridge was damaged in the incident. Fortunately, there is no information about loss of life in this so far. However, allegations are being made that the person doing guard duty there is missing after the accident. The security personnel present around the bridge say that many of their people are missing in this incident, whose information is being tried to be hidden by the administration.

Actually, till now many discussions have started regarding this bridge of corruption. Discussions are that a large part of the rigging and corruption in the construction of this bridge has reached the officer who gave the contract to the school. There are also allegations that there has been rigging in handing over the task of investigating corruption in this bridge.

It is being told that the contract for the construction of this bridge was given to a company named Singla when this company was not even listed for tender. Not only this, this company was banned, yet SP Singla was given the contract to build the bridge. Now the question arises that on whose instructions or under whose pressure this contract was given to a company which was not even listed.

Bihar Bridge Collapse: Guard worker missing on Sultanganj bridge, search in Ganges river, bridge collapsed
The story of corruption ends here. Even 14 months ago, this bridge was destroyed due to gust of wind. But, the corrupt officials are busy in saving the tender of SP Singla. So that this bridge, which started with 600 crores, reaches 1700 crores to 2700 crores. And in return, that officer should continue to get his share of corruption. Actually, Navbharat does not want to take the name of that officer right now. But this officer has been accused of running the whole business of corruption by sitting in the Bihar government for a long time.
Bihar News: Nitish government’s big trouble, for the second time the under-construction bridge collapsed in Sultaganj.. It was being built on the river Ganga.
The entire system of corruption passes through this officer, including many white-collar faces. Some journalists are also being accused of being named in these. That’s why this name is not coming out openly. But this name’s workmanship and its discussions are on the lips of the people of Khagaria and Bhagalpur.

Every second person is ready to tell the story of this corrupt officer

Local people allege that the Chief Minister of Bihar and officials close to Nitish Kumar, who is called Vikas Purush, are also involved. These IAS officers are doing the work of distributing tenders these days. Tenders are being given to those only, who are giving them the asking price for their corruption. In such a situation, it can be guessed that why the bridge which was supposed to be completed in November 2019 itself could not be completed till now. This Sultanpur Aguani bridge, immersed in the height of corruption, does not break twice in 14 months. The rules say that if the quality of the bridge is bad, the company is immediately blacklisted. But this Singla company is still working.
Bhagalpur Bridge Collapsed: Leader of Opposition opens front against Nitish after bridge collapse in Bhagalpur, Chief Minister orders inquiry
Earlier, Parbatta MLA Dr. Sanjeev Kumar had raised the issue of corruption in this bridge in the Vidhansabha. But no action has been taken so far. Let us inform that the date of inauguration of this bridge has been changed 8 times. Now the 400 meter portion of the bridge is set to be changed for the 9th time after breaking.

The first date was done by 1 November 2019. Then it was increased to 20 December 2020. After this, the date of inauguration of the bridge was fixed on 30 June 2021. The hunger of corruption is still not satiated. The next date for the construction of this bridge has been fixed as 30 March 2022. Then the date of 30 December 2022 was given. The new year has come, now the date of 30 March 2023 has been given. It was believed that now this bridge of corruption would solve the problems of the local people. But the black shadow of corrupt officials was still hanging over this bridge. The date of inauguration of this bridge was extended by three months. The auspicious time of 30 June 2023 was taken out. But this date also failed. The last date given is 31 December. So that the officials involved in corruption worth billions of rupees get another chance for corruption. But before the arrival of this date, this bridge standing on the foundation of corruption was disintegrated like a pack of cards by a light gust of wind.

Bhagalpur bridge collapse: ‘We felt an explosion, then understood the bridge collapsed’, saw the eyes of the villagers in Bhagalpur

Now the local people allege that corruption has been going on in it for the last four years. Every footing and every foundation of the bridge has been made of poor quality. The allegations made by the local people in front of the team of Navbharat are serious. Local Surendra Yadav says that there is a close officer of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who gave the tender to this company named Singla Construction. Now that the bridge is broken, the report of its investigation has to be sent to the same officer.
Bhagalpur Bridge Collapsed: Leader of Opposition opens front against Nitish after bridge collapse in Bhagalpur, Chief Minister orders inquirySurendra Yadav says that even before 14 months before this incident, this bridge had collapsed. No action has been taken in this matter so far. Surendra Yadav says that RTI has also been filed in this matter, which is not answered properly. Now this corrupt officer also has the responsibility of investigation and action. Surendra says that now it can be guessed that when the murderer is made the judge, will he punish himself?

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