Such a response at this time?? Fans are confused by Priyanka’s sudden post Priyanka posted that she loves her job very much along with Vinayagar Chaturthi greetings


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Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 17:11 [IST]

CHENNAI: Vijay TV’s Priyanka took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself with the greats of Indian cinema for the first time on the stage of the show BB Paodar 2, which she hosted.

Although many people mocked her face reaction in the photos, the photos are going viral on social media by her fans.

Is it bad if Karuppa Kunta.. is Vijay TV like this even in this era? Fierce netizens

New venture of Vijay TV

New venture of Vijay TV

Bigg Boss is a show that has created a new milestone in TRP despite being controversial in many languages ​​like English, Hindi and Telugu. Vijay TV, which has got the right to produce and broadcast this program in Tamil, is not only broadcasting the Bigg Boss program, it is also offering many variety programs with the contestants participating in it.

Amazing post by Priyanka

Amazing post by Priyanka

Presently, Vijay TV hosted a dance reality show called PP Jodi with the contestants who participated in the last Bigg Boss competition. After so many episodes of the show BB Paodu Du, Vijay TV Priyanka’s photos of the special guests who are currently going to attend its finale have left Instagram fans in awe.

Visit of special guests

Visit of special guests

Many social netizens for an ordinary dance reality show..! So many great cinema legends have come as special guests..!? They are confused. At present, rather than producing and acting in movies, in an effort to popularize the movies, from big actors to small actors, everyone is following the method of direct search and promotion. Following that, the group has visited the PP Joodu 2 program as special guests for the promotions of Brahmastram, which is currently being shot at a huge cost with many leading Indian actors.

Priyanka's surprise recording

Priyanka’s surprise recording

No matter what the program is, Vijay TV Priyanka, who is wanted and gets into the auto, will be idle if she sees the main celebrities of Indian cinema like Rajamouli, Ranbir Kapoor, Nagarjuna in the program hosted by her…!!? He posted a photo with them during the show on his Instagram. His followers are saying likes and greetings after seeing that he has posted that he loves his work very much with Vinayakar Chaturthi greetings.

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English summary

Priyanka took to her Instagram to share a photo of her hosting the BB Couples 2 show where she met the legends of Indian cinema for the first time.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 17:11 [IST]

The article is in Tamil

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