intinti gruhalakshmi serial, Gruhalakshmi September 01 episode: ‘Tulasivanam’ is stuck… Samrat feels guilty about tulasi situation in intinti gruhalakshmi 2022 september 01 episode preview

When Samrat came to know that Nandu was Tulsi’s husband, the ‘grilahakshmi of the house’ took another turn. Until yesterday Samrat was leading the story as Tulsi’s future husband. The story suddenly changed when the audience shouted that this is a couple.. this is poor. He clarified with Samrat that he had no such thing in his mind. And what happened in today’s (September 01) episode…Lasya and Nandulu come to Tulsi’s house. When Anasuya gets fired up saying what kind of drama are they playing.. Lasya says, ‘It is not us who are playing dramas.. This great actress Tulsi.. has called her younger brother Deepak to take Nandu’s honor in front of Samrat’. Hearing those words Tulsi.. do you believe this? asks Nandini. Nandu said yes, do you believe that.. ‘If I have such an intention.. why would I do that on the Bhumi Puja day itself? Why spoil my happy moments’ says Tulsi. If Tulsi wanted to tell.. would she ever tell the truth to Samrat.. she would not have stopped until now.. Parandamayya said.. ‘Your daughter-in-law’s image is life enough to die. Nandu says she will do anything for that image.. She did this to kick us out of that company.

Tulsi raised her hands and said sorry to me..

Not only that.. If we are not there, it seems like Tulsi likes it. Lasya says that there will be no one to watch.. There will be no one to ask.. The game is played.. The song is sung. With that word, Tulsi screams loudly. Nandu said, ‘You made Samrat know the truth… You trampled us to grow… We must be so sad… We must be so angry’. Saying sorry is fine.. But tell me why you are sorry.. Because you have ruined your life.. Because you felt the words with your brother? Because I let Samrat know the truth that I am your ex-husband? Nandu asks why are you saying sorry.

Why are you standing with this chair?

With this, Tulsi angrily goes into the kitchen, brings a stool, climbs on it and stands in front of Nandu. I said sorry not for anything you think.. for not scaring you? says that What is getting a pedestal to say that dialogue.. what is standing on it.. what is this buildup.. what is the director doing with Tulsi’s character? Even if I put this symbolically to say that I am at your level.. It seems very silly. Accordingly, basil over-buildup is not common. Tulsi tells huge dialogues by journaling the poverty of this husband and wife.

Tulsi that was given to me..

Since the wife walked behind the husband in the wedding, men think that they will walk like that for the rest of their lives. Tulsi tells Nandu to come to fear from that illusion, Nandagopal. ‘Once my voice was lower.. I used to be behind you.. Not like that now.. My voice will not lower.. I have no intention of being behind.. I am telling you too.. If you throw a stone in the sky, it will fall back on your head.. You cannot stop me from growing. If you think about everyone all these days.. if you think about me anymore.. the bird that you kept in the cage for years now flies freely.. that’s why fear has started in you. Tulsi gives a warning to Nandu and Lasya, saying, ‘Stop if you dare’.

You have to lower your head in front of me ex..

Nandu says you are building up with the noise you have made.. No matter how much you try to grow.. I will be higher than you. With that word, Tulsi.. Even if you grow up, you will lower your head in front of me.. I will raise my head.. Tulsi raises her neck and looks at Nandu and gives a range of expressions. After that, the bhajan program started.. Except for one Lasya, everyone there was a Tulsi bhajan group, so they clapped. Wah wah.. wah wah, the tribe claps.

I am the reason for blaming Tulsi.. Samrat is emotional

Samrat on the other hand.. is thinking about the brawl that took place in Bhumi Puja. While ‘Tulsivanam’ was tearing the planning papers in anger.. Their father came and said stop Samrat.. Who are you tearing them in anger.. Are you angry with Tulsi for not telling Nandu that he is her husband? Or are you angry with Abhi who said all the words to you? He says that he is angry with someone. ‘I am angry with myself, father.. is it wrong? Mine.. except I thought of helping Tulsi.. I didn’t think about the problems she would face. Samrat gets emotional saying Tulsi will be recognized if she is a business partner.. I didn’t think that she will be cursed.. You should tell me, baba.. You can tell me that you are doing wrong, baba.. Samrat gets emotional.

Don’t you have any intention on Tulsi?

Samrat Baba tries to correct him saying that what you have done is not wrong.. Don’t you stop.. Life is a person who doesn’t know something.. Why are you taking it seriously if you say something out of anger.. Samrat feels that if a stone is thrown knowingly.. Even if it is thrown unknowingly, it will get hit.. The word is the same.. I will hurt the man.. But how will Kanna cope if she blames her son.. Actually I am the reason for Tulsi’s problems.. Their father asks his father, what is really in your mind is love for Tulsi.

Don’t cheat Tulsi.. You are a great sinner

Samrat says yes to those questions and gets excited. How many times the same question will be asked. This is their father.. the people who watch have no idea but their mouths.. no matter how many times they ask.. we have to answer patiently.. you know what you are.. Tulsi knows.. those who bark are not barkers.. if you drop out of the music school proposal it will be a big fraud. It will be like you have cheated Tulsi more than Nandu.. If you leave this project.. Think that the accusations against you are true’, their father corrects Samrat.

Salted milk.. Junior Senior Competition Overaction

And the flirting between Shruti and Prem.. flirting.. while the waves are a routine.. while both of them are cursing and flirting and cursing.. what happened, our Mahanati makes an entry. ‘Why are you shouting like that you ask yourself?’ says that And if you think Tulsi Mahanati…Junior Tulsi Shruti will overreact as if she is beyond that. I have a problem with your boy.. says she gives a glass of milk and drinks milk with Prem. But Shruti adds salt to that milk.. Prem drinks that milk as if unable to swallow. And Tulsi says you should drink it before my eyes. This sodi ran for a long time.

In the case of Tulsi, you are not the type of old criminal in the police station..

And Nandu.. is burning up after the fight that happened in Bhumi Puja. Meanwhile Lasya comes.. She talks like petrol on fire. ‘Tulsi and I are separated and they live for whose life.. I don’t understand what is the quarrel between us. Am I the cause of who Tulsini is? Why does everyone blame me? Lasya says that you are an old criminal type in the police station.. Wherever any crime is committed, they are arrested before it happens.. You are the same in Tulsi’s case.. What can we do?” says Lasya. Tomorrow’s episode has another twist. Tulsi gives an unexpected shock to Samrat. We will see those details in tomorrow’s episode.

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