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karthika deepam serial, Karthika Deepam September 1 episode: Monita’s hearts are touched by Karthik! Mounitha gets frustrated by karthik’s idea in karthika deepam 2022 september 1 episode preview

Karthika Deepam Today : Flash back story is running today as well. Monita starts the drama with a net to get closer to Karthik with the conspiracy that love is the way to own Karthik. Like a blow to the hand…shouting Abba..showing Karthik with a bow..falling from Karthik’s shoulders to Karthik..Monita is overwhelmed with love. ‘Even though Deepa was there then, I was able to own Karthik.. Now Deepa is gone.. I have no memories of that Deepa.. How much more can I own Karthik?’ Thinking.. throws a net for Karthik. But Karthik.. looked very normal.. ‘Yes.. did you get hit?’ He says. Monita gets angry with that. ‘There is no love… at least pity and mercy? About me?’ It shakes in the mind. Now the same scene continues in today’s story. Let’s see the highlights of that (Episode 1446).

Do you know what you lost?

Karthik doesn’t mind if we try to subdue him with a net. Monita starts crying with that. ‘Karthik…’ she calls out crying. ‘What?’ Karthik says as if it doesn’t matter. ‘I told you that your hand is burnt… take it closer to see what happened… or at least show love to Jalo… what Leventi?’ Monita says. Karthik says, ‘I don’t have such feelings.’ What are the feelings? I love and married your wife Karthik.. Do you know how shaken I am.. that this happened to you? But you don’t even have this much movement’ Monita cries.

My handwriting..

Karthik says, ‘Emo Monita.. I don’t know why all this Monita.. I’m just saying what I feel inside… It’s not for me to show love and jolly’. ‘That’s it Karthik.. that’s it.. do you know how much I have done for you.. for you..? Do you know what I have lost.. but you don’t even have this much love for me.. that’s my head’ says Monita crying. ‘I don’t remember anything that happened.. How can I know if you didn’t tell me? What have you lost?’ Karthik says coolly.. ‘What have you lost? Do you know we have a child Karthik’ says Monita crying. Karthik gets up in shock. ‘What? Do we have a child? Monita? do you want to talk Where is our child?’ Karthik says nervously.

When it came.. what happened?

‘Forgive me Anand.. I have to say that you are not there to get closer to Karthik’, Monita apologizes to her son and starts telling lies. ‘The day you had an accident.. Karthik, our son had a fever.. 105 fever.. admitting you to the hospital.. giving you treatment.. day and night.. Karthik, it was enough to take care of you.. after that when he came home..’ Monita stops crying. ‘Ha.. when you come.. what happened?’ says Karthik looking confused. ‘No Karthik.. did someone take it and go away..? I don’t know anything…’ she cries. But in her mind she thinks, ‘Sorry Anand, are you saying that you are there or not..’

Dose should be increased.. will be increased..

‘Is what you say true?’ Karthik Kangaru says. ‘True Karthik.. Can anyone lie that he doesn’t have a child? No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find it anywhere.. thinking about you, I took my child away.. you mean.. you are so crazy Karthik.. so crazy.. crazy..’ She watches Karthik patiently. Immediately Karthik.. ‘For me.. did you take away your child for me?’ He says nervously. Monita immediately falls on the heart. While crying.. in her mind.. ‘My hand is cut off means you don’t feel pity.. But you feel pity because you don’t have a child.. From now on you have to increase the dose in everything.. increase.. put a no entry board for that lamp’

I have an idea..

Deepa cooks and serves the doctor and the doctor’s mother. Both of them who ate it said, ‘Super means super.. Your husband is very lucky’. With that, Deepa Karthik gets thinking. ‘My husband loves my cooking’. So the doctor.. ‘Mother Ravana carried away Sita.. your husband was carried away by Monita.. you have all of us like Varanam behind Rama.. first you need to let your hand touch your husband.. no medicine will work. Your husband remembers the whole past. No husband can miss his wife’s cooking.’ He says. So Deepa slowly says, ‘I will make my husband come to find me brother.. I have an idea for that’.

Our bond was seen in that pain

And Karthik comes calling.. Here is Tirapati.. Bhadrachalam.. Where are you.. (forgetting Shiva’s name). When Monita appeared.. ‘Is that… our driver’s parent?’ He says. ‘Shiva’ says Monita. ‘Ha.. Shi..Wa.. Shiva’ is called and Shiva comes. He says, ‘Let’s give a surprise to Pada madam… we have to go outside’. Monita says ‘What a surprise for me Karthik’. ‘That’s right Monita.. I forgot the past and I can’t believe even my shadow.. But look you said that you took our child away for me.. Then the truth was seen in the pain you went through. Karthik says that if I know the truth, what will happen to my health, you are the only one who suffered for so many days.

Sorry Monita.. really sorry..

‘Aha.. how much change with one lie..?’ Monita thinks in her mind. Karthik says, ‘You took the child away for me.. but you burned your hand while cooking.. It’s so guilty.. It’s so sad.’ ‘Now not only Karthik.. Karthik’s love is also mine’, says Monita. ‘Sorry Monita.. really sorry..’ says Karthik. ‘It’s okay Karthik.. this love is enough for me’ says Monita. Karthik says, ‘It is not enough to say that there is love.. You have to show it.. From this day you will not have to cook and burn your hands like this.. I will cook for you’. Fuses blow to Monita and Shiva who is there. ‘Vantalakka.. why now Karthik?’ Monita says angrily.

Find her wherever she is..

‘Sadly, she thinks I’m their doctor Babu, doesn’t she chase her.. Doctor Babe Kadayya..’ says Karthik. ‘Ha.. ah.. yes sir’ says Shiva hesitantly. ‘Oh, that doctor babe..’ Karthik said without finishing his words.. ‘But what? You have to drive away the things that come after you, but do you keep them at home? Someone’ says Monita angrily. Karthik says, ‘Listen completely… I will forget again’. The ringer stops. ‘Look for her wherever she is.. Who do you think you are.. I am not your doctor Babu.. But you are not a good cook.. Cook for us. Seeing both of us, Dr. Babu thinks differently.. The problem will be solved,’ says Karthik.

Where again?

‘No Karthik.. No… How did you get this idea? Even yesterday, even though we were side by side, she spoke as if you were her own. That’s crazy Karthik. It doesn’t allow us to have peace of mind.. It can’t be seen around us.. I shouldn’t cook.. I need another cook.. I will take care.. I will get a cook who is suitable for me.. I don’t want that,’ says Monita. ‘Okay, okay, don’t you feel that way? Why so much tension? Ok, I don’t want as you said.. Ok Kashi.. let’s go outside’ says Karthik. ‘Sir Shiva sir’ says Shiva. ‘Where to again?’ Monita says.

Does that mean not completely forgotten?

Karthik says, ‘It’s not for the sake of cooking. Shivani says ‘Padavayya Sundaram’. ‘Sir this name seems to suit me sir’ laughs Shiva. Karthik says ‘Edishavle pada’. As soon as Karthik leaves, Monita gasps. ‘God.. Karthik, how much tension have you put in a while.. Is there anything if Deepa comes here? But Karthik who forgets so much.. Why is he talking so much about Deepani? Does that mean not completely forgotten? Does that mean that if you see the lamp, you will be able to remember it? Under no circumstances should Karthik be allowed to meet Deepa’, Monita strongly thinks in her mind.

Deepa left home

And the doctor who saved Deepa, the doctor’s mother, Ram and Bantu are standing in front of the house gloomily. Deepa just comes from the doorway with a bag. ‘I will go brother’ says Deepa. ‘Now we can do the same here, Kadamma’ says the doctor. ‘Didn’t I tell you how annoying that caller is, brother… I have to go’ says Deepa. When Deepa says that.. the doctor’s mother also makes a sad face. It is understood that Deepa has started a lonely struggle to own Karthik. We have to see what is going to be done. Let’s see more details in the next part! ‘Karthikadeepam’ karthika deepam continues.

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