Kanika is not what I thought after marriage.. Beelink by Snegan | Snekan is proud of Kannika character


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Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 12:01 [IST]

CHENNAI: After marriage, Snegan said that he thought about Kanika wrongly.

Fans have been congratulating Snehagan and Kanika for not giving up on each other with undiminished love.

The flower is like a flower… The act of Snegan and Kanika as a couple

Eight years of love

Eight years of love

Lyricist Snegan and actress Kanika fell in love and got married. Their romance initially shocked many fans because of their age difference. But their ardent fans have been congratulating them since the beginning. Not only that, while many people in the film industry get separated after a few years of marriage, Sinegan and Kanika, who have been in love for eight years and are still living with the same love, have gained a good reputation among the fans.

Snehagan turned wife

Snehagan turned wife

Both Snehagan and Kanika are PCs but when it comes to life they both give up on each other and keep their love intact. Kannika, who is active on social media, often posts posts expressing her love for her romantic husband Snegan. In that way, Sinegan, who did not use social media much before marriage, is now publishing many videos for the desire of his love wife.

Caught character

Caught character

Snehagan had initially thought that Kanika would remain like all women after marriage. But after marriage, he was proud to see Kanika many times. He says that the reason is that he is leading the family like his mother. Not only that, but like other women, he never made Snegan suffer because he wanted it and wanted it.

Not many people get this

Not many people get this

After marriage, Kanika has reduced her spending spree. So even if you say buy this as a cynic, he will think more about it. When he sees this, he says that he was wrong to think about Kanika. Kanika is more affectionate towards Sinekan’s relatives than Sinekan and keeps the family together. That’s why I mistakenly underestimated Kanika, says Snehagan. After hearing this, many fans are wishing you to live happily for many days.

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English summary

Like Snekan’s mother, Kanika will lead the family. Not only that, but like other women, he never made Snekan suffer because he wanted it and wanted it.

Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 12:01 [IST]

The article is in Tamil

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