Dipesh Bhan’s family paid home loan, big relief with the help of Saumya Tandon

Dipesh Bhan’s family paid home loan, big relief with the help of Saumya Tandon
Dipesh Bhan’s family paid home loan, big relief with the help of Saumya Tandon

Late actor Dipesh Bhan’s wife Neha has shared a video on social media. In which he has mentioned about the end of his biggest problem.

Saumya Tandon helped Dipesh Bhan

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Popular television show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’s famous actor Deepesh Bhan is no more with us. He died of brain haemorrhage in the month of July. After which Deepesh’s wife Neha, who left his family behind him, and his one-year-old son had a big problem. Which has also been mentioned on social media. TV actress Saumya Tandon, who came to his aid a few days ago, has solved all his problems within a month. Which is mentioned by Dipesh’s wife by sharing the video on social media.

Actually, Saumya Tandon, who played the role of Gori Mem in the show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain, had pleaded for help by sharing a video on social media last month to help Dipesh Bhan’s family. There was a debt of lakhs on his family, which he did not have money to pay. In this connection, he had appealed for donation on social media.

Watch Neha’s video here

Neha thanks Saumya

After which now Neha, wife of Dipesh Bhan, has informed through social media that the home loan which was on her head has been repaid. Neha has shared a video on the actor’s Instagram handle. In which she is clearly seen saying that she has now got relief from her biggest problem. In the video, Neha is saying that her home loan has been repaid and for this she wants to thank Saumya Tandon from the heart. Soumya Tandon and sister-in-law are at home that Neha has been able to repay this loan of lakhs of rupees because of producer Benifer Kohli.

This was the video of Saumya Tandon

Soumya extended a helping hand

Significantly, the family of the late actor Dipesh was deeply indebted. For whose help Saumya Tandon extended her hand. He had requested his fans and followers to raise 50 lakh rupees. For which the actress shared a video saying that Dipesh Bhan’s family has a home loan of 50 lakhs which has to be repaid. Describing about the family, he also said that Dipesh also has a small son.

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