nusrat jahan flaunts tattoo above breast in off shoulder top shows deep cleavage fails urfi javed in boldness | Bengali beauty Nusrat Jahan has tattooed Tattoo in such a place that Urfi is also behind in boldness

Bold Hot Nusrat Jahan Flaunts Tattoo: MP and actor Nusrat Jahan is very active on social media, on his Instagram page (Nusrat Jahan Instagram). Nusrat shares very bold and hot pictures and videos on her Instagram, which her followers also like very much. Nusrat Jahan’s latest post is also crossing the limits of boldness. Nusrat Jahan has flaunted her tattoo in the pictures wearing a crop top with a very deep neck. At such a place, Nusrat has tattooed that Urfi’s boldness will also fade in front of Nusrat. Let us see where is Nusrat’s tattoo and what is written in it.

Nusrat has tattooed such a place that Urfi is also behind in boldness

Let us tell you in which part of the body Nusrat Jahan has tattooed. In the latest pictures of Nusrat, her tattoo (Nusrat Jahan Tattoo) is clearly visible. Nusrat is wearing a pink colored deep neck off shoulder crop top and holds a drink in one hand. Nusrat has got a tattoo done just above the left breast which is visible due to the revealing top.

Nusrat has written these words in Tattoo

If you are wondering what has happened to Nusrat in the tattoo, then let’s know about this too. In the series of five pictures, the tattoo is visible in every photo of Nusrat posing differently in the ‘Golden R’. If seen closely, Nusrat Jahan has got ‘Victory’ written on her breast, which is like a tattoo in cursive writing.

Let us tell you that Nusrat is currently on vacation and has been sharing pictures of the same holiday with her followers for a few days. Some time back, Nusrat has also posted pictures in pink and blue bikini in which she is showing off her toned body.

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