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Guppedantha Manasu : Sangeetha Kondaveti Replace Mirchi Madhavi In Guppedantha Manasu

Guppedantha Manasu : Sangeetha Kondaveti Replace Mirchi Madhavi In Guppedantha Manasu
Guppedantha Manasu : Sangeetha Kondaveti Replace Mirchi Madhavi In Guppedantha Manasu

A new actress has entered the Guppedantha Manasu serial. Rishindra Bhushan got a new grandmother. Devayani alias Mirchi Madhavi, who played the role of Rishi’s grandmother all these years, left the serial and a new actress has come in her place. Who is she? Sangeeta Kondaveeti, who played the role of Damayanti in the super hit Vadinamma serial in the past. This means that the music that was so pleasing in Vadinamma has now become Devayani in Guppedantamanasu

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‘Vadinamma’ serial brought good name to Sangeeta Kondaveeti who acted in many serials in the past. Vadinamma Sita is the third and Nani Atta Damayanti. Damayanti scored full marks as the villain in the role of trying to create a rift in the daughter’s family. Now she made an entry as Devayani in Guppendathamanasu. In fact, Devayani’s role is very important in Guppedantha Manasu serial.

Her role is crucial in sending Jagati, who is more educated and intelligent than her, away from home, telling her son negatively about his mother, and stopping Mahendra from going to his wife. Finally the whole family is coming together.. At such a time, Mahendra, Jagati and Rishi conspire to separate them forever. Vasudhara made an entry in the face of these conspiracies. Until recently, the war that was going on as Jagati vs. Devayani…is now going on as Devayani vs. Vasudhara.

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As much as Rishi (Mukesh Gowda) and Vasu (Raksha Gowda) who are the main leads in Guppedantha Manasu serial connected with the audience… Mahendra, Jagathy, Devyani, Dharani, Gautham and Phanindra also got good marks. But Kiran Kant, who has already acted as Gautham, is busy with the Brahma serial. It is almost as if they are out of their mind. Now Devayani (Mirchi Madhavi) is also gone. Mirchi Madhavi hits full marks as Devayani. She felt her equal in showing anger, jealousy and envy. In a way, when she appears in the serial, the audience gets fixated on conspiracies…just like they saw Monita as a real villain in Karthikadeepam. There is more to say about the range in which she is acting. And will the new Sangeeta Kondaveeti feel better than Mirchi Madhavi.. Wait and see…

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