So there is no END CARD for Roja Serial? Roja serial actor post.. Housewives Khushi!!

Roja is a serial that has been running on Sun TV for more than four years in prime time. This is the first serial based on love. In this, actor Chippu Suryan played the role of Arjun and actress Nalkar Priyanka played the role of Roja.

There were many Rojun bans for their couple. This serial ends tomorrow. For the past one month, there have been reports that this serial is going to end. So all their fans had many requests not to finish.

In this case, the actor Dev who played the role of Balu in that serial has made a record. According to the story, in yesterday’s episode, Balu’s character had come to an end. In fact, the main villain, the Willys, were left behind and the story was carried out as if he had died.

Could that be the lead for the next serial? I can’t forget the rose serial in that post, to make everyone think that. As soon as possible, meet with the same team. Until then, thanks on behalf of all of us.

All Roja serial actors who have seen it have commented that even if season 2 is not coming, it would be good if Sibu and Nalkar make a serial with Priyanka. Stay tuned to this site for more information.

The article is in Tamil

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