NCA UK: Tons of cocaine in banana boxes

UK National Crime Agency ( NCA ) has recently seized a record amount of cocaine, which was also found in banana boxes.

Now this incident has become a sensation all over the country. The crime agency is conducting inspections and recently 5.7 tons Cocaine(Cocaine).

Later these were seized. The value of this cocaine is approx £450 million Or more than Rs.4,700 crores. Who would not remember such valuable cocaine Banana cans hid.

But these are moving the vehicle They were stopped by authorities at Southampton Port on February 8 and their whereabouts were revealed. They were to be transported to Hamburg, Germany, for further distribution.Illegal activities By criminal groups in the UK annually approx £4 billion NCA believes that earning

These drug traffickers often commit murders and there is no limit to the crimes they commit. Although the drugs go to Europe, most of them are carried out by local gangs. UKOfficials stated that it will be sold in

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NCA Drug SmugglingFocused on. Working to dismantle international criminal networks. Cooperation with law enforcement agencies in other countries is key to their efforts. Prior to this, the largest drug seizure in the UK was 3.7 tonnes of cocaine in Southampton in 2022. Even earlier, in 2015, Scotland3.2 tonnes were found in a boat in Scotland. The value of cocaine seized in 2015 was 5.12 crore pounds (Rs 538 crore).


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