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Iran’s attempt to smuggle US maritime drone

Internet Desk: There was a clash between the US-Iranian naval forces on the Persian coast on Monday midnight. An American maritime drone was surrounded by Iranian ships and abducted. But, these efforts were thwarted by American forces. At 11 o’clock on Monday night, while American ships were traveling in the international waters of the Persian Gulf, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps support ship Shahid Bazir arrived there. It tried to push the US-owned sea drone (sail drone) and take it away from there.

At the same time, USS Thunderbolt, an American patrol ship nearby, responded. A drone has already been attached to an Iranian ship. But, the American ship directly spoke to those on the Iranian ship. They demanded that the drone be returned immediately. In addition, the US patrol boat also went near the drone. On the other hand, an MH60S Seahawk helicopter from the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain left for the scene. Due to increasing pressure from the American forces, the Iranian ship abandoned the drone. The entire hydra lasted for four hours. It is noteworthy that this incident took place during the negotiations on the nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States.

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