Russia Conduct Military Exercises With China India And Other Countries

Russia Conduct Military Exercises With China India And Other Countries
Russia Conduct Military Exercises With China India And Other Countries

US Says “Concerned: The US has said that Russia has announced that it will conduct military exercises with other countries such as China. The US White House revealed that about 50,000 military forces from many other countries, including China and India, will participate in the Vostok 20200 drills to be conducted by Russia. Moreover, it has been clarified that these maneuvers will be conducted from September 1 to 7 at various places in the eastern coastal areas as well as in the sea waters of Japan.

Also, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the countries participating in these maneuvers will first conduct exercises in seven training areas in the Eastern Military Districts and then conduct defensive and dangerous maneuvers in the sea waters and coastal areas of Okhotsk, Japan. Moscow said that these exercises will involve around 50,000 soldiers and around 140 aircraft, 60 warships, and support vessels including gunboats.

Russia says that many ex-Soviet countries including Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Syria will participate in these military exercises. White House Press Secretary Jean Pierre expressed concern about this matter. He said that he is afraid of which countries will join forces with the country that has launched a war of aggression against Ukraine and participate in these maneuvers. But they decided to leave this matter to their own decision.

But he said that there is no information from New Delhi whether India will participate in Vinyasa or not. But the Russian Defense Ministry says that these military drills are being conducted to maintain military security in the eastern coastal areas and to repel aggression in those areas. But India also participated in the ZAPAD 2021 military exercises held in Russia last year along with China and Pakistan.

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