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Mother’s hanging- daughter who executed the sentence by kicking the chair

Iran executes woman who kills husband His own daughter kicked the chair and was hanged.

A woman named Maryam killed her husband in Iran after he refused to give her an affair. He was arrested and imprisoned in this connection. Maryam’s father, Ibrahim, who was complicit in this murder, was arrested.

Maryam and Ibrahim left their six-year-old girl to be taken in by her paternal grandparents, saying her parents died 13 years ago before they were arrested.

In Iran, according to Islamic law, it is the relatives of the murdered who decide the punishment of the murderer, rather than the state. On February 22 of the following year, Maryam and Ibrahim’s prison sentence was commuted to death. The execution was delayed for unknown reasons.

After Maryam’s execution, Maryam’s daughter was taken to the Central Jail and forced to kick the chair at her mother’s feet on the gallows. Accordingly, he also kicked the chair and fulfilled the sentence. Maryam was hanged and murdered. Maryam’s father, Ibrahim, was granted temporary leave. In June this year, Ibrahim was arrested and murdered in the same prison where his daughter was.

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