Hindu girl of 8 years gang raped in Pakistan Sindh province NTC

Another painful case of atrocities on minorities (Hindu, Sikh) in Pakistan has come to the fore. There has been a gang-rape with an 8-year-old Hindu girl. Apart from this, he has been stabbed in both the eyes, due to which he was bleeding continuously from both the eyes. According to the doctors, there is very little chance of his survival.

This case is of Sindh province of Pakistan. The family found their 8-year-old daughter on August 28 in a very critical condition. At present, he has been admitted to the government hospital in Umerkot. Here the doctors have confirmed that the girl has been gang-raped. Apart from this, both his eyes have been stabbed with a knife.

When the girl was admitted to the hospital, she was still bleeding from both her eyes. Doctors believe that it is difficult for the girl to survive.

Cases of atrocities coming to the fore

There have been reports of atrocities on Hindus living in Sindh province such as rape, murder and kidnapping. It’s just last week. A Hindu sweeper was arrested for alleged blasphemy. Earlier, he was attacked by Islamic extremists, from where he somehow escaped.

The name of the arrested person was given as Ashok Kumar. Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) had demonstrated against him in Pakistan. Ashok was accused of committing blasphemy in Hyderabad (place of Pakistan). TLP protesters also surrounded the building where some Hindu families live in Sindh on Sunday. The police had somehow removed the crowd from there.

At the same time, a few months ago, an 18-year-old Sindhi Hindu girl was shot in the middle of the road. Earlier, the body of a Hindu boy was found hanging from a tree in Sindh itself. Earlier, he was beaten up badly and his throat was also slit.

According to the data, there were 13 percent Hindus in Sindh at the time of partition i.e. 1947. But due to such atrocities, migration from there has intensified. Now about 1.5 percent are said to be Hindus there.

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