Nearly half a million pregnant women affected by Pakistan floods need health medical services: UNFPA tlifw

Nearly half a million pregnant women affected by Pakistan floods need health medical services: UNFPA tlifw
Nearly half a million pregnant women affected by Pakistan floods need health medical services: UNFPA tlifw

Floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan, which is facing financial crisis. Millions of people are affected by the floods. Thousands of people have become homeless. More than 1100 people have died in the grip of floods. Meanwhile, another worrying news has come out about Pakistan.

According to the United Nations agency UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), about 6 lakh 50 thousand pregnant women in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan are in dire need of health services. There are 73 thousand of these women who will give birth to a child in the next month.

According to the UNFP report, about 73 thousand women in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan are to be delivered next month. In such a situation, these women need skilled attendants, newborn care and support.

Gender-based violence increased in Pakistan
At the same time, the report of the UN agency said that the risk of gender-based violence against a large number of women and girls in Pakistan has also increased, because about one million homes have been destroyed due to floods, due to which a large number of People have come to the streets, including a large number of women and girls.

According to the Dawn newspaper, UNFP’s Pakistan representative Dr Bakhtiyar told that the UNFP in Pakistan is working closely with all its colleagues on the ground. To ensure that pregnant women and new mothers continue to receive life saving services even in the most challenging times.

A third of Pakistan submerged in water due to floods
Due to the continuous rains of monsoon in Pakistan, floods have caused havoc in many areas, due to which Pakistan is facing many problems. A large number of roads, bridges have been completely destroyed.

There are also many areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where due to the damage of roads, the connection of several thousand villages with other parts of Pakistan has been completely lost. A large number of people are trapped in the mountainous areas, whose rescue operation is going on.

Heavy damage to Pakistan due to floods, government seeking help
Pakistan was already facing financial crisis and now the situation has worsened after the floods. Ehsan Iqbal, Planning Minister of the Government of Pakistan, said that Pakistan has suffered more than $10 billion in damage due to the floods.

Ehsan Iqbal, a minister in the Shahbaz government of Pakistan, said that at present these figures are only preliminary, when the ground survey is done, they can go up further.

At the same time, the Shahbaz Sharif government has appealed to the countries of the world for help to overcome the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan. The UN is also helping Pakistan in this and a formal appeal for emergency assistance is also being made.

At the same time, in view of the deteriorating situation in Pakistan due to the devastation of the floods by the United Nations, a fund of 3 million dollars has also been released as emergency help.

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