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Alone for 26 years; The loneliest man in the world has passed away

Rio de Janeiro: The world’s loneliest man, who lived alone in the Amazon jungle for 26 years without contact with the outside world, has died. Known as ‘Man of the Hole’ and ‘Loneliest Man in the World’, he is believed to be around 60 years old.

He made deep holes in the forest to trap and hide wild animals. That is why he was known as ‘Man of the Hole’. His body was found outside his thatched hut on August 23. Funai agent Altair Jose Algaier spotted the body during a routine patrol. The conclusion is that it was a natural death. There were no signs of violence. There were feathers around the dead body. Local expert Marcelo dos Santos told local media that he may have put the feathers on himself knowing he was going to die. He has built more than 50 huts in the last 26 years. Three meter deep pits have also been made.

The man was the last of an indigenous group living in the Tanaru indigenous region of Rondonia state, which borders Bolivia. Most of his tribe was killed by poachers in the 1970s. Brazil’s Indigenous Affairs Agency (FUNAI) has been monitoring the rest since 1996.

In 1995, when the remaining six members were killed in an attack by illegal mining mafias, he became isolated in the forest. He is believed to have died 40-50 days before the authorities found his body. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. In 2018, the authorities were able to capture a blurry picture of him. After that he did not come in front of humans.

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