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Viral Video: Road Dividers Changing Direction Of Traffic

Viral Video: Road Dividers Changing Direction Of Traffic
Viral Video: Road Dividers Changing Direction Of Traffic

Everyone knows about the traffic problems in big cities. Go out for fun on any festivals or special occasions! That’s how we get stuck in traffic. If you actually get out of that traffic, you will feel like you have not achieved anything. But China has brought a new technology to check all those problems. The Chinese are also adopting a new approach to avoid this traffic problem.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Huachunying posted a video sharing all these things with users. The video shows how a reversible lane works to clear heavy traffic. This is…adjusting the width of the divider in the middle of the road as needed to ease the traffic.

Chinese people walk in one direction in the morning and in the opposite direction in the evening to avoid traffic problems. For that, a new technology has been developed to set the divider line to go in the respective directions. To this extent, in the video, the divider line is seen to be brought closer together with the help of two vehicles like a zip for traffic.

These are called reversible traffic lines. These help to reduce traffic congestion. But netizens tweeted praising it as a new technological innovation. But this is not a new innovation, it is reported that America introduced this infrastructure innovation in the 1960s.

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