US Assistance to Pakistan: America stands by Pakistan… announcement of huge financial assistance

US Assistance to Pakistan: America stands by Pakistan… announcement of huge financial assistance
US Assistance to Pakistan: America stands by Pakistan… announcement of huge financial assistance

Published Date: September 1, 2022

Pakistan has been hit by heavy floods. About 33 million people were displaced. 1,136 people died. More than 16 hundred people were injured. Ten lakh homes were destroyed. 7.35 lakh livestock which is the livelihood of many people has been lost. Large scale roads and 20 lakh acres of crops were washed away. More than 10 billion dollars in property damage. Around 150 bridges were washed away across the country. 3,500 kilometers of roads have been damaged.. However, the country is waiting for help from the international community.

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In this background, the US has announced that it will provide 30 million dollars in aid to Pakistan, which has been affected by heavy rains and floods. This assistance will be provided by the US Agency for International Development. The US will work with Pakistan to ensure access to food, child nutrition, drinking water and public health. Several representatives of the American legislature have also expressed regret over the disaster created by the floods in Pakistan. The UNO and the Pakistani government have estimated that 160 million dollars are needed to help Pakistan. The United Nations has declared the situation in Pakistan as a climate disaster and will spend funds on food, water, sanitation and health services for nearly 52 lakh people affected by the floods.

The United States on Tuesday announced $30 million to help cash-strapped Pakistan, which has been hit by heavy rains and floods. Devastating floods caused by record monsoon rains displaced more than 33 million people, or one-seventh of the country’s population. The US Embassy in Islamabad said in a statement that the government of Pakistan had declared the floods a national emergency, with 66 districts reported to have been affected by the disaster. The embassy said today it announced an additional USD 30 million in life-saving humanitarian assistance to support people and communities affected by severe flooding in Pakistan.

The United States is deeply saddened by the devastating loss of life, livelihoods, and homes across Pakistan, and in response to the Government of Pakistan’s request for assistance, including urgently needed food support, safe water, sanitation and hygiene improvements, prioritizing the economic sectors. While this support will save lives and alleviate suffering among the most vulnerable affected communities, the US will continue to monitor the crisis in close coordination with local partners and Pakistani officials, it said. As of Monday, the death toll across the country had reached 1,136, with 1,634 injured and 33 million people displaced, the National Disaster Management Authority said.

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