Mystic hannah carroll 10 prediction for 2022 have come true, social media make it viral | 10 Predictions Come True in 2022: A Replacement for Baba Vanga; The 19-year-old earns lakhs

An American woman has gone viral on social media by making Baba Vanga-style predictions. A 19-year-old girl named Hana Carroll is an internet phenomenon. Hana made 28 predictions in January this year. Ten of these have been completed correctly so far. It is clear that the accuracy of their predictions is much higher than Baba Vanga’s. Two predictions of Baba Vanga came true this year. Social media is all over Hana’s prediction.


The list of predictions made by them has already been shared on social media. That’s why credibility has increased. This led to her being compared to the Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga. Hana is also nicknamed the New Generation Baba Vanga. Hana made predictions mostly around celebrities. Pop culture will also come into it. He is very interested in pop culture and celebrities. Hana says that is the reason for the prophecy.


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Hana Carroll says she can tell things about celebrities early. Hana says that she always feels that something is going to happen with them. Hana is a native of Foxborough, USA. Among the predictions are Harry Styles and Beyoncé’s new albums, Rihanna getting pregnant, and Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra giving birth to a baby.


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The shocking prediction is that Queen Elizabeth will die. Another prediction is that pop singer Taylor Swift will announce their wedding date. The Kourtney-Travis break-up comes amid predictions that Kylie Jenner will have a baby, and that the baby will have health problems. Most of Hanna Carroll’s predictions are about the Kardashian family. Because Hana is a big fan of the Kardashian family. Therefore things about them affect Hana.


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Three things about the Kardashian family have gotten right so far. Chloe and Tristian Thompson have a baby again. Kourtney and Travis Scott are expecting another baby. The latest is the break up between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. Hana also predicted that there will be a war of words with Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West because of this relationship. The girl says that she gets excited every time the prediction comes true.


Now Hana devotes time to personal prophecy. Many people send pictures and ask for predictions about their personal lives. She said she had a job. Hana stated that she can predict when they will have a child, when they will change careers, when they will fall in love. Hana said that many prophecies came true even before the date she mentioned. They earn one and a half lakh rupees per month.

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