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Suddenly 57 crores came in the woman’s account, bought a luxurious house… again trapped! – Crypto firm accidentally transfers Rs 57 cr to woman account and does not notice for 7 months tutc

If crores of rupees come immediately in someone’s account, he should buy land and house from it in happiness. But while spending lavishly, if he gets an order to return this money, then imagine what will happen to him. Something similar happened with a woman from Australia. In whose account suddenly $ 10.5 million (more than Rs 57 crore) had come. What happened then is very interesting.

Send Rs 57 crore instead of $100
In fact, crypto trading platform mistakenly deposited an amount of more than Rs 57 crore in the account of an Australian woman Thevamanogari Manivel. According to the report, the firm was supposed to refund only $100 to the woman’s account, but instead an amount of Australian $10.5 million was transferred. The big thing is that this firm did not come to know about it for several months.

regained consciousness after 7 months realized its mistake after about 7 months. On knowing this, the senses of the officers were blown away. The firm had transferred this money in May 2021 to the account of this manival living in Melbourne, Australia and he came to know about it in December 2021. The report said that the firm, doing business in Australia under the name of Foris GFS, was supposed to return $100 to Manival’s account due to a payment failure, but mistakenly transferred $10.5 million instead.

woman spent lavishly
The sudden arrival of Rs 57 crore in the account was shocking even for Thevamanogiri Manival. But he did not let anyone hear the news of this. According to a report in The Guardian, with a portion of the money, Manival bought a four-bedroom luxury home in the posh Craigieburn area of ​​North Melbourne for A$1.35 million. However, in order to avoid any further hindrance, he took it in the name of his sister living in Malaysia. Apart from this, Manival spent this amount here and there indiscriminately.

Crypto firm pleads with the code
When the company came to its senses, it filed a case against the woman and her sister Thilagavati Gangadori in the Victorian Supreme Court of Australia. The firm got an order from the court to seize Manivel’s account, but this woman had already spent a large part of the money in the account. After this, the firm again approached the court, on which it got an order to freeze the accounts in which Manivel had transferred the money.

Money will have to be returned with interest by selling the house
Just after this, the troubles of Manivel, who became the mistress of crores of rupees, started increasing. He started getting notices to return the money. According to the report, the Victorian Court has passed a default judgment for Manivel’s sister in the case. It has been ordered that Gangadori will have to sell his property and return the money to the crypto trading firm at the earliest. Along with this, he will have to send an amount of $ 27,369.64 as interest. After this, Mounivel and Gangadori have started taking legal advice from their lawyers and have started trying to avoid this trouble.

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