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Hardline nationalist Georgia gets lead in the election of PM, getting support on the opposition of immigrants Hardline nationalist Georgia gets an edge in the election of the post of PM, getting support on the opposition of immigrants

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  • Hardline Nationalist Georgia Gets An Edge In The Election Of The Post Of PM, Getting Support On The Opposition Of Immigrants

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Historic elections are going to be held in Italy for the new Prime Minister. This time the issue of nationalism is at the centre. Georgia Meloni (45) of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party is leading the race for the post of PM. Meloni’s party, which got only 4.13 per cent votes four years ago, is getting the support of 25 per cent voters. Meloni’s popularity has skyrocketed in two years. Georgia Meloni is a strong opponent of Islamic terrorism, immigrants and LGBT rights.

Meloni’s party is pitted against the Center Left Democratic Party. Mario Draghi of this party is currently the Prime Minister of Italy. Draghi was running a coalition government. With the withdrawal of support from other parties, his government was reduced to a minority. In such a situation, elections are being held soon in Italy.

In the latest survey, Draghi’s party has the support of only 14 percent of the voters. Meloni has aligned his party with former PM Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. Berlusconi’s party is also pro-right. In such a situation, there is a possibility that the party of Meloni and Berlusconi may form a coalition government.

Rapid rise in popularity Trump-Johnson’s supporter considers Mussolani a hero

Giorgia Meloni considers Italian dictator Benito Mussolani as a hero. They say that they do not agree with Mussolani’s views only on the issue of democracy. Meloni is a supporter of former US President Donald Trump and UK PM Boris Johnson. The book author IM Georgia is a Georgia single mother. She has been a minister in the government of Berlusconi, who was the prime minister. If she wins the election, Meloni will be the first female PM.

Inflation and employment are big issues in Italy’s election

  • The rate of inflation is 8.2%. This is the highest in the last 36 years. The unemployment rate reached 9.83%. Meloni has promised direct money transfers from the public.
  • Al Qaeda’s network is active in Italy. People’s anger at the fear of Islamic terrorism caused by Muslim immigrants.
  • Round of demonstrations to increase housing-medical facilities in Italy. Social Security is considered an issue by 35% of people.

Less support for anti-mafia party

The Five Star Movement party, which opposes Italy’s notorious mafia gangs, is also in the fray. But this time this party is getting less support. At present, this party is getting the support of only 9% of the voters. Draghi of this party is currently the Prime Minister in the current coalition government of Italy.

85 years old Berlusconi on Tiktok

silvio berlusconi

Former PM Silvio Berlusconi, 85, is posting TikTok posts to woo young voters. His goal is to get the support of 60% of Italy’s voters under the age of 30.

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