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World famous in one story!- Dinamani

World famous in one story!- Dinamani
World famous in one story!- Dinamani

Shirley Jackson, an American woman writer, wrote only one story in 1948. But, it is surprising if he became world famous because of it!

That story:

In a quiet village, on an ordinary day, an ordinary event takes place.

It was on that day that the “Annual Lottery” was to be held as per the ancient custom of the village.

Early in the morning, a large number of villagers had gathered. There was a fierce debate over who would win the lottery.

Should this custom continue?

Some doubted that.

“”Shut up! Is this a habit that happens from time to time?

A representative from each family must come and draw a card from a black box placed in front of them. Do not separate immediately. They keep it undivided.

An arbitrator is appointed.

Once everyone has drawn their cards, they deal their cards. They breathe a sigh of relief.

Only one slip has a black dot. That ticket falls to a woman named Hudson this year.

“”Hurry up and come back”- the village elder makes a loud noise like this.

A pile of stones in the middle.

They charge a stone per person.

“It’s unfair,” cries the unlucky woman who lost her lot. Villagers throw stones at her and kill her!

This is the story.

The title of the story is “The Lottery”.

When the story broke, the New York press strongly condemned it.

The article is in Tamil

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