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Luxury car stolen from London found in Karachi

Luxury car stolen from London found in Karachi
Luxury car stolen from London found in Karachi

A Bentley car stolen from London weeks ago has been found in a bungalow in Karachi, Pakistan. The price of the car is three lakh dollars. The Pakistan Collectorate of Customs Enforcement officials conducted the raid following a tip-off from the UK National Crime Agency.

Pakistani media reported that the thieves were unable to remove or switch off the car’s tracking system. The UK Crime Agency was able to find the exact location of the vehicle through the advanced tracking system in the vehicle.

The car had a Pak registration and number plate. On verification, it was found that the car number matched the details of the vehicle provided by the UK authorities. Officers impounded the car after not producing sufficient documents. The owner said he was sold the car by a broker. Both were arrested. Officials said the registration of the vehicle was fake.

The thieves imported the car into Pakistan using the documents of a diplomat in a European country, PTI reported. According to the FIR filed by the customs officials, there was tax evasion of crores by transporting the stolen vehicle. A customs official said the search is on for the mastermind of the racket.

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