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She was pregnant for 14 years in her married life.. Soon she will give birth to her 17th child

Formerly Women in joint families Many people used to give birth to children, but now one or two children are born Family planning operation Doing

A small family is a family without worries. At least someone is more surprised than four children. Such is the woman from America. 16 children A 16-year-old mother gave birth to her last child a year after she gave birth 17th child Hopefully, in the US In North Carolina living Patty Hernandez and she husband Carlos, He chose names starting with ‘C’ for all his children to honor his father.

The couple had six boys.

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There were ten girls, out of which twins were born three times.

Looking at baby names, Carlos Jr.(14), Christopher(13), Carla(11), Kaitlyn(11), Christian(10), Celeste (10), Christina (9), Calvin (7), Katherine (7), Caleb (5), Caroline (5), Camilla (4), Carol (4), Charlotte (3), Crystal (2), Clayton (1).to this couple in March next year 17th The baby will be born.

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He is currently 13 weeks pregnant she She told the media that she wants to have a boy 17th child Happy and excited to meet she Patty was her youngest child in May last year to Clayton gave birth. Her last pregnancy was very difficult she Said before.20 children to be born Patty Hope.she Wants to have 3 more boys.Makes a family of 10 boys and 10 girls.


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