Dubai: The employer forgot humanity.

Dubai: The employer forgot humanity.
Dubai: The employer forgot humanity.

Dubai: An owner who forgot humanity behaved cruelly towards his housemaid. He gave her hell for six months. He tortured her physically and mentally for six months. So she died. This inhuman incident happened two years ago in Dubai. Recently, this case came up for trial in the Dubai Court. The court sentenced the owner who was found guilty. The court sentenced him to 15 years in prison for severely torturing the maid and causing her death.

According to the details mentioned in the court, an Asian woman joined a man in Dubai as a maid in October 2019. She was well taken care of for the first five months. Then the owner of the house unleashed his inner beast. He gets satanic pleasure by torturing the maid every day. He used to beat her at will and verbally abuse her emotionally. This devilishness in him was increasing day by day. Every day he tortured her and did not feed her. Her health started deteriorating. For six months, she endured the harassment of her employer.

Finally, unable to withstand his violence, she collapsed one day. The owner immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital. However, the doctors declared her already dead. Seeing the injuries on her body, the hospital management got suspicious and informed the police. With that, the treasure of that wicked owner was released. He confessed his crime during police interrogation. The police produced the owner in the Dubai court.

He confessed his crime in court and was sentenced to death. However, the family of the accused paid ‘blood money’ (payment of compensation to the family of the murdered person) to the family of the deceased. The victim’s family canceled the death sentence. After that, the case came to the Dubai Court of Appeal. The court overturned the death penalty and sentenced the owner to 15 years in prison.

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