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Texas: The bodies of at least nine refugees have been found in the Rio Grande after they tried to cross the extremely dangerous border at Eagle Pass in the US state of Texas. This information has been given by the officials of US and Mexico Border Protection. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Mexican officials say a large group of people tried to cross a river running through the region after heavy rain.

refugees are arrested
According to a CBP statement, US officials found six bodies while Mexican teams recovered two more bodies. US officials pulled 37 more people from the river and detained 16 more refugees, while Mexican officials detained 39 refugees. CBP did not say which country the refugees were from and did not provide any further information on the rescue and search operation. Pan-American Highway: This highway crosses 14 countries, no cut, no turn till 30,000 KM
The Del Rio sector on the border has become the busiest place to cross the border illegally. This also includes the Eagle Pass. The region could soon overtake Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, which has been the most favorable place for illegal border crossings for the past decade. The CBP said in a press release last month that it had found the bodies of more than 200 refugees in the region from October to July.

About 50,000 refugees from the Del Rio sector tried to cross the border in July. Whereas in Rio Grand this figure is about 35,000 people. Eagle Pass is about 225 kilometers southwest of the US city of San Antonio.

refugee destination
You can easily enter the US by passing the Eagle Pass. In recent times, this place has become a favorite place of refugees. It has now become the busiest corridor in the world from where illegal border crossings can be done. The biggest reason for this is the absence of drug smugglers here and in such a situation, refugees consider it a safe place.

Stephanie Lauret of the Central America and Mexico Policy Initiative says that this place removes refugees from cities that are dangerous. About 400 km long river Rio Grande passes through this sector. It is because of this river that Eagle Pass becomes the most dangerous border. The flow of this river changes at any time. Also it flows very fast. Refugees lose their lives only in crossing this river.
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People disappeared in the most dangerous river
Stephanie says that in some places the water in the river is very low and it can be crossed. But in some places it becomes quite dangerous. If you are crossing it with children or taking the help of someone who does not know how to swim properly, then the risk increases up to four times. In a July release issued by CBP, it was said that from October to July they had received bodies of more than 200 refugees from the sector. Sometimes people disappear and are never found again.

Death by drowning and de-hydration
The US and Mexico border is about 3110 km long. According to a United Nations report, the highest number of deaths were recorded here in the year 2021. Earlier in the year 2014, the record was at the top. Since the year 2014, till now 4000 people have died here. In the year 2021, 728 and then within seven months of the year 2022, 412 people have lost their lives. June is the fourth most dangerous month here. This year 138 people lost their lives in this month. Most people die either from drowning or from dehydration.

The Border Patrol has not given the official figure of the dead since the year 2020. The government has often been criticized for its policies, but the matter has never progressed. There are so many deaths in the river that even CBP is unable to count. The CBP has never been able to estimate how many people died on American soil. The agency itself has admitted that its figures may not be accurate.

Still have to go America
According to experts, the journey here is quite dangerous in itself. Refugees find that crossing the river is not free from danger, climbing a mountain means risking their own lives. It is also dangerous to cross Mexico as a foreigner. But they want to do all this because they want to live a better life in America. Venezuelans are at the top of the refugees passing Eagle Pass, followed by Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and then Colombia.

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