New Donation to Ukraine in Pope’s Name

New Donation to Ukraine in Pope’s Name
New Donation to Ukraine in Pope’s Name

As the school year begins in Ukraine, 500,000 students and more than 16,000 teachers are out of the country – three times.

Mary Teresa: The Vatican

On September 09, the 198th day of war in Ukraine, Pope Francis donated a small vehicle to the country to distribute aid to the people affected by the war.

According to the new apostolic collection “Praedicate Evangelium”, in March of this year Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, head of the diocese’s newly created Department of Missions, will visit the country for the fourth time to share the Pope’s presence with the war-torn Ukraine.

At that time, Cardinal Krajewski will visit Odessa, Žytomyr, Kharkiv in Ukraine and meet with the Christians, monks, monks, bishops etc. of various communities living there and express the support the Pope is giving to the mothers.

With the help of Caritas organizations working in war-torn Ukraine since February 24 this year, Cardinal Krajewski will visit these three cities to pray with the suffering people and express the Pope’s friendship, the news agency further announced.

Ukrainian President

The Ukrainian government has claimed that Russia is committing war crimes against the people of Ukraine and that more than 25 million Ukrainians have been evacuated from the occupied territories, including 38,000 minors.

While the school year has started in Ukraine, 5 lakh students and more than 16 thousand teachers are outside the country, 13 thousand schools have started classes in Ukraine, but only about three thousand schools are conducting classes in a face-to-face manner, the country’s Ministry of Education has announced.

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