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A monkey came out of the zoo and made a comedy in Ukraine

The strange antics of a monkey in Ukraine, which is constantly bombarded by the war with Russia, spread comedy to the citizens there. The monkeys who are supposed to be in the zoo are entertaining themselves by making videos and sharing them on social media. Cheechy is the name of this monkey in Kharkiv Zoo. But Russia once dropped a bomb there and was scared by the sound of explosions. As a result, he tried many times to escape from the zoo, but could not. But finally she managed to escape and entered the forest. The tribe enjoyed roaming around the city. She brought happiness to the citizens with her antics. Attempts by zoo officials to bring Cheechi back have all failed. But it may be difficult to survive in the outside world for a long time. Ready to come back to the zoo. Chichi who was walking in the streets was given a jacket by a woman, then Chichi hugged the woman. Later they took Cheechi to the zoo by sitting her on a bicycle and she passed away. The zoo staff gasped.


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