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RTA renamed Al Safa Metro Station

RTA renamed Al Safa Metro Station
RTA renamed Al Safa Metro Station

Dubai: Al Safa Metro Station has been renamed. Dubai Roads and Transport Authority informed this. RTA also stated that the new name is Onpassive Metro Station.

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OnPassive is a leading global artificial intelligence technology company. OnPassive has been granted permission to rename Al Safa Metro Station for the next ten years.

This metro station is located on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro network. The RTA also announced that changes will be made to outdoor signboards, electronic systems, smart systems including apps, announcements inside the metro, etc., during the period from January to March 2023.

Earlier, Dubai Marina Metro Station was renamed Shobha Realty Metro Station, Al Jaflia Station was renamed as ‘Max Fashion’ and Al Rashdia Station was renamed as ‘Centrepoint’. Al Shaif Metro Station has been renamed as Equity Metro Station.

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